Ruth’s Songs from Lockdown. What are yours?

Posted on the 31st July 2020

Our  One Voice radio show team have been recording conversations about their  “songs from lockdown”.

Pre-pandemic, Ruth was a very happy and active member of Pure Support activities including One Voice and Pure Drama group.

As you can hear  in the audio clip below she chose Pharrell William’s  fab hit “Happy” to sum up her feelings about this time of her life.  “Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.” You’re humming it now, right? Irresistible!

Darker Days

But what of those dark days when lockdown fell upon us, keeping us from friends, society and so many rewarding activities? Ruth has chosen two quite different tracks to express her feelings about those times and also sings one of them for us.

Have a listen to her “songs of lockdown” in the clip above, including her inspiring choice for her hopes for the future.

Ruth sings her solo in Shift

Ruth was also a singing sensation in the Pure Drama musical Shift! last year.

When things are back to normal from all this havoc of the virus, everyone will be dancing for joy again.


What a fantastic performance. Ruth was talking with Community Support Worker Chris Smith.

The re-imposing of  tighter lockdown restrictions here in the North West, (July 31) has dampened our spirits. However we must keep up our positive-thinking until we can all sing along with Ruth to Alexandra Burke’s greatest hit.

Thank you Ruth for all your choices.

What are your Songs From Lockdown?

Music and memory are intimately intertwined. What tracks do you think you will associate with lockdown in  years to come?

If you are on  Facebook or Twitter  do let us know – join the conversation.

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