Mental Health Network Community: Vital Support

Posted on the 11th August 2020

Stockport’s Mental Health Network Community, led by Pure Innovations, is providing a lifeline for many Stockport residents.

From arranging emergency support for women in domestic abuse environments to making hundreds of essential shopping drop-offs, the team is making a huge difference to many lives.

Here is a glimpse at some of the varied work it has been doing.

Benefits Advice Success

People with poor physical and mental health can all too often fall into financial difficulties that escalate their problems. The benefits system is there to support but can be so difficult to navigate. This is how the MHN Community team helped one female resident struggling with mental health and financial difficulties.

First it connected with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to look into her benefits.  Calculations revealed that as her partner was also her carer they would be better off moving to Universal Credit. The CAB then made the move and now Universal Credit covers her full rent.

The MHN  support enabled the same client appeal a decision denying her the mobility element in her Personal Independence Payment. She was awarded an extra £200 a month and was back-paid £6,400.  Both successes greatly relieved the pressures she was under.

Housing Matters

The MHN team has  also been actively engaged in supporting clients with other housing issues. Many people require someone to speak for them and to help  navigate complex forms and application processes.

For one client keen to move to a home of her own, this began with the MHN Community team creating a budgeting plan. She was then accompanied to a drop-in session held by The Prevention Alliance for advice and information on moving homes.

Now the team is helping her gather relevant documents. These include a previous housing tenancy reference and medical confirmation around her mental health. These will support her housing application to Stockport Homes. A little support can go a long way.

Mental Health Network staff make a home delivery

Welfare Calls

Throughout the Covid crisis the team has been supporting many people by providing that all-important human link to society.

In a three-month period the MHN Community team made 539 phone calls of emotional support to clients. Some were daily calls where required.

When permitted,  team members accompanied clients on socially-distanced walks and on initial post-lockdown shopping  trips.  They have dropped off shopping essentials and board games for families. They even delivered an emergency pack of washing powder for one mum in urgent need.

The MHN Community includes the MHN and valued partners  Sparc, the Prevention and Personalisation Service and Beacon. We hope you agree it is doing a fantastic job!

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