Need help with recruitment? Think Pure.

Posted on the 18th August 2020

Employers – we help with recruitment and make the world a fairer place at the same time.

The cost to you? Zero.


We find you a great-fit candidate, provide a job coach for training, full health and safety checks and ongoing support. You get a great new employee adding to the diversity of your workforce, making it more representative of our society.

Pure Innovations has a proud record of finding sustainable employment for people with autism, learning difficulties or mental ill health. The wide range of companies we have worked with,  large and small, includes:

  • The Produce Hall
  • McDonalds,
  • Olive Cafe
  • Sports Direct
  • Living Ventures
  • The Range.

Can you help in our mission to level the playing field for people keen and able to work but too rarely given the chance?

How does it work?

montage of logos: Pure; EU European Social Fund and PossAbilities

We are providers of the  Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Working Well contract. This is part-funded by the European Social Fund. It means that over the next three years we will deliver free Supported Employment services across Stockport, Tameside and Oldham.

We work in partnership with PossAbilities  who will be providing the free service in Rochdale and Bury.

1. First discussion

One of our Employment Officers will first have a chat with you about your staffing requirements. You may need someone full-time in your store. Or perhaps you just have staffing pinch points in your cafe? For example, you may only need an extra pair of hands at lunchtime to clear tables. It can be difficult finding anyone prepared to travel in for so few hours. Well we have some clients who only want to work niche hours.

It is likely your existing staff are currently under increased pressure now that some new tasks are compulsory. These could include recording customer contact details and frequent surface sanitising. Here we might suggest job carving –  taking off these additional duties and giving them to a new team member. This lets everyone get on with what they do best – and you don’t lose  your experienced staff or customers. Recruitment is cost effective.

2. Job Analysis

Once we have identified between us the work roles that meet your needs we break them down into individual task. These then form the basis of a training plan. We also complete a full Risk Assessment of the roles before looking for a great match amongst our clients.

3. Client Matching

Already we have been working hard with our clients. We compile detailed profiles over several weeks in order to really get to know them. This enables us to accurately assess each client’s skill levels, capabilities and aspirations. We never set anyone up to fail.  Someone is put forward for a role only if we are confident they will succeed.

4. Reasonable adjustments

A meeting between employer and candidates is arranged. First though we will discuss any reasonable adjustments you could make in your selection process. These are positive actions to accommodate the candidate’s autism, learning difficulty or former poor mental health. For example, they might include a trial work shift to demonstrate ability.

This is because some candidates might not articulate their qualities well in an interview though they are a perfect fit in all other respects.

We provide a job coach where required who will do just that – coach the candidate every step of the way in the work that needs to be done. Only when fully proficient will we step back.

pure innovations supported employment manager

Danielle Sidderley - Supported Employment Manager, Pure Innovations

Times are tough for everyone at the moment. Now more than ever we need employers to work together with us to ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind and have fair, equal access to employment.

Danielle Sidderley - Supported Employment Manager.

Would You Like Help With Recruitment?

It’s time to think differently. Please do get in touch for a preliminary chat to find out how we can help you.

You can contact Danielle Sidderley direct:

07568 105084

We’d love to hear from you.

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