One Voice Radio Discuss What Pure Means To Them

Posted on the 20th August 2020

Wonderful staff, new friends and improved confidence. These are just some of the answers the Pure One Voice radio team gave when asked what Pure Support means to them.

Let’s Talk Pure

The idea to talk about Pure originated when three good friends Josh, Adam and Tom were hosting the show together for the first time. The recent circumstances have led to friends, who don’t usually see each other at Pure, moving to the same projects. This sparked a conversation about their friendship and what coming to Pure Support projects means to them. The radio team then took this idea and ran with it, basing their show around this topic. What great answers everyone gave too!

It’s so lovely to hear such positive feedback from our clients. You can listen to the feature here.

Radio Without Barriers

The One Voice Show is broadcast every week on Your FM Radio 107.8 Wednesdays at 8pm and repeated on Saturdays at 7am.

The team covers a range of topics interspersed between great songs. Features include:

  • Television and film reviews
  • Interviews with special guests
  • Sports
  • Poems
  • Pure News
  • Quizzes
  • Song reviews
Pure Innovations One Voice interviews Stockport Mayor Laura Booth

Other Shows From Pure One Voice

Previously, One Voice has interviewed Mayor of Stockport Linda Booth. Read about their impassioned discussion on disability inclusion by clicking here.

On another recent show the team reviewed Harry Enfield and Chums, giving a hilarious insight to the sketch series.

To check out these features and many more just click here!

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