NEW: Pure Online Art Course.

Posted on the 8th December 2020

Our brand new online art course is enabling clients who cannot currently access our services to be creative and stay in touch.

Just three sessions in and some really lovely art work has already been produced.

Why Online?

The lockdown may be over but some vulnerable clients are still shielding or can’t make it to their usual sessions for other reasons. Online contact is the next best thing.

We’ve provided all the support necessary to ensure everyone on the course can get together in our Zoom sessions. Everyone is really enjoying seeing one another and meeting new friends too.

Three art works: drawing of laptop; 2 collages featuring a motorbike and hammerhead shark

Great work here by William.

Dropped Ice Creams and Giant Lipsticks!

The structured 10-week course is certainly a lot of fun   and everyone is also learning a great deal too. They are practising different artistic techniques and finding out about influential artists.

In Week Two for example, they looked at work by American Pop artist Claes Oldenburg. He is renowned for his large scale public artworks such as Dropped Cone. Made in collaboration with his wife Coosje van Brugge, it is a colossal inverted ice cream cone atop a bulding in Cologne.

Responses in the group ranged from “It’s a bit weird” to “I love it” via “It looks like a party hat.” (It does too!)

Another Oldenberg work is a colossal, 7.5m tall lipstick.  You can see how this inspired Emily’s picture at the top of this post.

Pure Art Studio artist-client Josh, co-presented this session with Pure’s Abbi Betton. Everyone is really enjoying sharing their work.

Four participants on teh oline art course hold their work up to their laptop camera

In Week Four, the artists will be learning about great French Post-impressionist, Henri Matisse. Then they’ll be creating their own colourful collage inspired by his work.

There is a change of tack for Week Eight. The artists will be working in pairs, creating collaborative artworks. We can’t wait to see those.

This is definitely a varied and exciting course!

Art Packs Provided

All materials required for the course were collated into art packs by Abbi and delivered before the course began. The pack contents include, amongst other things, a glue stick, scissors, a fine liner, a basic set of coloured pencils and postcards.

They are the raw materials for fabulous artworks, we are sure. Best of all, we are seeing familiar faces again and meeting new clients too.  Fabulous!

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