Vouchers for Free Lunches at Our Cafés

Posted on the 25th January 2021

Our cafés in Oldham and Stockport are giving free meals to school kids and a hot drink for their accompanying adult courtesy of customer donations. All you need to do is hand in one of our vouchers at Etherow Park, Vernon Park, Dunwood or The Boathouse Café. These are for families with kids who need an added boost in the day, especially if they are missing the usual meals they would get at school. Vouchers will be accepted with no questions asked.

Where to Get Your Voucher

We have donated the vouchers to be distributed by these organisations:

A screenshot on your phone will also be accepted.

voucher for school meal pure innovations cafes

Thank You to Our Generous Customers

We are able to run this voucher initiative thanks to generous customers. Over the last couple of months we have been running a ‘pay it with a post it’ scheme in the cafés. This is where customers pay for a coffee for another customer they don’t know. The response to this has been amazing, but the number of people claiming a free coffee has been low in comparison. Therefore, we have decided to put this money into good use via our food vouchers.

Enjoy a Walk in the Park

All of our cafés offering the free meals are based in parks, so why not enjoy a walk while you’re there? Walking outdoors is great for your mental health! From this you get exercise, exposure to natural light, a breathe of clean air and a better night’s sleep.

Please note, our cafés are working as a takeout service until further notice. We will look forward to seeing you there!

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