Buzz Hawkins of The Bradshaws on One Voice Show!

Posted on the 19th February 2021

Eee ‘eck!  Buzz Hawkins, creator of northern comedy icons The Bradshaws, was this week’s special guest on The One Voice Show.

One Voice is the weekly programme recorded and edited by Pure clients for local radio station YourFM 107.8.

Comic Roots of The Bradshaws

The One Voice team had a great range of questions for Buzz in this fun interview. He was soon regaling everyone with entertaining accounts of his early career with Piccadilly Radio.

His talent for ‘funny voices’ stretches further back to childhood.  A bedspread draped over a washing line served as a makeshift stage for his own shows featuring home-made paper mache puppets.

A great tip there for parents struggling with home schooling. Playtime isn’t time wasted!

I dream about having a nice sleep.

"Audrey Bradshaw"
Screen shot of Buzz Hawkins with the One Voice team on a Zoom call

We have to love Zoom!

Birthday Treat

The interview was a double treat for team member Sarah. She is a huge fan of The Bradshaws – and it was her birthday.

The cherry on her virtual cake? Sarah’s favourite character, Billy Bradshaw, serenaded her with Happy Birthday over Zoom!

I absolutely loved speaking to Buzz on my birthday.

Sarah - One Voice.

Two “The Bradshaws” Episodes Included!

Super fan Sarah and Buzz swapped their favourite stories from his fictional family’s archives. You can now listen to both as  both episodes were played at the end of the interview. Thank you Buzz!

The show was packed with lots more Bradshaws fun and facts and you can hear it all on streaming service Mixcloud.

Just click here for Buzz Hawkins on The One Voice Show.

Youth Clubs

In the final part of the programme, The One Voice team share their thoughts on how much they are missing their Youth Clubs in lockdown. There is clear yearning for the times when they can all get back to socialising properly. That’s something we can all agree on. Youth clubs are so important

You can catch The One Voice Show every week on Your FM Radio 107.8  on Wednesdays at 8pm or the repeat on Saturdays at 7am.

And why not follow the team on Twitter @PureOneVoice?

Join Us

Would you or someone you know with a disability or autism, like to be involved in the One Voice radio project?  If so, please contact Kath Brooks on 07872 423212 or by email at . She’d love to hear from you.

Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form.

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