Clients’ Creative Responses To Covid Crisis

Posted on the 11th February 2021

Pure clients are producing an impressive range of creative responses to the Covid crisis through art, animation and ceramics.


We love this ceramic plaque (pictured above) made at our ceramics studio. The artist perfectly expresses the reason why everyone who can, should wear a mask: it “stops people getting ill.”

Artists have also been discussing what makes a good mask design – particularly one  that  they would want to wear.  Here is a selection of their work. It also includes a great poster illlustrating how masks are a barrier to germs.

Clients’ Views on Masks.

What is it like wearing a mask? 

Hot, sweaty.
It feels ok, I got used to it.
Bit itchy.
Feels difficult because of talking to each other. Cannot see lips.

If you could design a mask, what would be on it?

Lion king

Do you wear a mask?

Yes, when I go out to shops or other public places.
Yes, safe enough to come to Pure and see my friend’s out of my house.
Yes, keeps me safe.

Video Responses to the Covid Crisis.

Pure Animation Studios are always a hive of activity and you can see lots of  the animators’ videos on their YouTube Channel.

One theme they have been focusing on recently is safety measures in these difficult times.

Safety First

Vaccines and Hand-washing

Here we have combined  two lovely animations  made by  Pure artists  featuring their personal reponses to  two features of the pandemic: vaccines and hand washing.

What lovely work, conveying two very important messsages.

Safety Measures

Below are two more videos combined that  illustrate the safety measures in place at Pure centres.  These have enabled Pure clients to return to our services and be with their friends again. Fabulous drawings!

Personal Experiences of Lockdown

In this final video, three very short films have been combined that express some of the feelings of Pure animators about lockdown and how it affected their lives.

We hope you have enjoyed this round up of some of the excellent work  completed by Pure artists.

Our clients, like everyone else, have had their lives severley disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. Their creative responses are recorded here as one more important element in the history of the global pandemic.

We will be bringing you more in the future.

Watch this space!

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