Enter Arcadia – Our Fab New Gaming and VR Centre!

Posted on the 4th March 2021

Game on! Our fabulous new gaming and Virtual Reality(VR) centre is now open. It is an amazing, social space for Pure clients with a passion for video and computer games.

What’s inside Arcadia?

There are Xboxes with no end of games to download, a chill zone, an area with VR headsets (more on that below) and a brilliant steam punk model railway! The whole space has been decorated in supercool street art style by Pure Client Facilitator, Vicky Goodall.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check it out in this fab video shot by Craig Goodall.

Virtual Reality and Disability

Putting on a Virtual Reality headset  is a remarkable experience, seeming to transport the wearer into an entire new world. Looking up, down, all around, they are immersed in that new location and can move around in it. And it can be anywhere: Miami Beach, a forest, a gaming world!

All this is not just great fun. It also opens up a world of new experiences to people with a disability that would otherwise exclude them. They can “virtually” climb a mountain, swim with dolphins, go paragliding and more. It really is amazing.


a rock climbing Action Man in Arcadia

Just hangin' a round.

There has been a huge amount of interest in Arcadia. Our clients can now enjoy all the thrills of the game whilst engaging with others and sharing interests in a safe and social environment.

Everything is mapped out to adhere to current social distancing - but we have all discovered this year that technology doesn't mind that at all.

Joe Williams - Pure Innovations. Team co-ordinator, Oldham

Where is Arcadia?

Arcadia can be found in our new base at The Falcon Centre in Chadderton. This is also the location of our carpentry centre The Woodshack – a great, safe, supported environment in which to learn practical woodwork skills.

Clients can  travel there independently and we also transport people by minibus from our Middleton base, The Jonathan Burns  Centre.

So, Ready Player One?

A rusty container with a face with a train carirage in its jaws from the Arcadia model railway

Hungry anyone?

Find Out More

Arcadia is a part of our alternative day services offer to people with a disability or autism.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting, new project, please contact Joe Williams on 07703 887466  – or email joe.williams@pureinnovations.co.uk  He’d love to hear from you.

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