Covid Vaccine: Views Of Vulnerable Pure Clients

Posted on the 6th April 2021

Pure clients who have had their Covid vaccines have been sharing their personal experiences on video. Others have been expressing their views through animations and Lego bricks!

Common themes have evolved including the importance of being vaccinated to protect not just themselves, but families and friends. They also all agree that nurses are very friendly and reassure anyone who may be a little nervous.

Clients on Video

Here is a compilation of Pure clients talking about their experiences. They hope that in sharing they can reassure others .

Covid Vaccine Guide in Lego

At Pure Brick Studio in Stockport, the builders constructed a a  Lego medical centre. This is the backdrop to their own Vaccine Guide. They created different scenes showing the simple steps to the process of having a Covid jab.   You can see the handy picture guide below.

Animated Views

Other clients have used animation to express their views.

They want to spread the word about where you can get the vaccine and that it is a very simple process. The vaccine is of course free and available only from the NHS. (More info here.)

Take a few moments to hear clients’ own views in these three very short animations.

Congratulations to all the clients who created these works. You can see more  animations on their own YouTube channel here.

One Voice Radio Show

The Pure One Voice Radio team recently took a different tack, discussing on air the things helping them to maintain good wellbeing and mental health in lockdown. This included a look back to July when Ruth recorded a piece about her love of music. Listening to and singing along to her favourite songs really helped her to find hope during the first lockdown.

You can listen to this  edition of The One Voice Show here.

Thank You To Our Clients.

Covid vaccines are very important and are enabling our society to gradually re-open.   For many Pure clients who have been shielding for so long, that simply can’t happen soon enough.

Thnak you all for sharing your views and experiences.

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