Boxing is a Winner for Pure Clients!

Posted on the 3rd June 2021

Boxing exercise in the new addition to our weekly sports activity days – and clients think it’s knockout!

It’s energising, frustration-busting and fabulous fun.

See for yourselves in our video clip.

Pack a Punch

Each hour-long session with Boost Stockport begins with gentle warm up exercises, stretching those muscles and gradually raising the heart rate.

Then, when everyone is raring to go, the gloves are on! Of course, safety is our number one priority and so punches are only thrown at pads held by the Boost Stockport coach, Troy James. One by one, clients put him through his paces!

Troy did a brilliant job motivating everyone; urging them to keep up the speed and intensity. At the same time, he was  making sure everyone else was keeping up with the fun exercises he’d set. Excellent multi-tasking.

It's great seeing everyone getting into it. Boxing is so good for getting out any frustrations that have built up and just makes you feel better. The group are already building confidence in their exercises and we're all having loads of fun.

Troy James - Coach, Boost Stockport

Sports Variety

The hour-long boxing exercise sessions are just one element of our weekly sports days at Life Leisure Avondale in Cheadle Heath. They are a great way to take part in a variety of sport activities in a safe, secure environment, supported by Pure Innovations staff.

It could be shooting hoops on the basketball court, football training or how about a game of rounders? Boccia, a form of bowls that can be played seated, is another popular option. All activities are suitable for all abilities and all equipment is sanitised before use.

Health Benefits

Physical activity is a vital element of a healthy lifestyle. It  can aid weight loss, improve mobility, help with sleep problems and reduce frustrations and stress. It’s a great way to make friends too.

So, if you or someone you know, has a learning disability or autism and could benefit from Pure Innovations sport days, do get in touch. Just email Megan at or call her on 07803 630057 for more information.

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