Take the Landmarks of Stockport Summer Challenge!

Posted on the 13th July 2021

Wow! Stockport Town Hall how you’ve never seen it before! This is just one of TEN fab mini models in Lego, by our very own Pure Brick Studio, for the Landmarks of Stockport Summer Challenge.  See them all when you are out and about in Stockport this summer.

The Challenge is a trail devised by One Stockport and the SHAPES Alliance . They joined forces with Pure Brick Studio for this FREE, fun, summer holidays activity, highlighting iconic landmarks of our home town.

It is aimed at children but the trail and models are a treat for all ages. Anyone can join in.  

All you need is the summer trail map linking the 10 local architectural gems on this activity sheet (or see one in our picture gallery lower on this page.)

At or near each location, participants will find the miniature of each structure, built in Lego. They won’t be outside like the Town Hall model above, posing for our pic with its big brother. They’ll be in windows, visitor centres and other free-to-view places. And the Studio will be creating four very special prizes for the winners in a great creative competition for children. Read on.

Pure Brick Building Site!

Pure Brick Studio is a creative space for clients with a learning disability or autism. With Pure Innovations’ Community Support Worker, Chris Smith, they worked wonders constructing the 10 landmark miniatures – as you can see.

How can you possibly represent the underground Air Raid Shelters in Lego?   The glass elegance of the Market Hall was testing too. However, the cherry on the wedding cake for the team had to be the lovely Town Hall. Or was it the so-stylish Art Deco Plaza? All 10 models are so ingenious!

The most suitable Lego pieces for each model often proved the most fiddly, raising the bar on client construction skills. But then that’s what Pure Brick Studio does best!

"It was actually harder to build a real building but it was awesome to build. I liked that it was a building in Stockport."

"It was fun going back in time to build the Air Raid Shelters. Building the church has been really challenging because of all the awkward angles."

Clients of Pure Innovations

All participants can complete the walking trail in one go, or in sections. Find the models at:

  • St Mary’s Church:  inside.
  • The Plaza: inside.
  • Air Raid Shelter: main entrance
  • The Town Hall: in the Windmill Café next door
  • Staircase House: in the window (from approx July 19)
  • Stockport Market: within the market
  • Viaduct and The Hat Works: at One Stockport Hub in Mersey Square
  • Edgeley Park – at Stockport County shop
  • Robinson’s Brewery – in the Visitor Centre

Note that opening hours may vary. All are free to view. You can find out more  on this page from Stockport Council.

What a great way to get children away from their screens and into the fresh air, exploring their town.

Children: Win A Model in Lego Of A Building YOU Love

The Stockport Landmark Challenge focuses on local heritage in the town centre. But what about buildings in YOUR area of Stockport that deserve to be in the spotlight?

The Challenge includes a competition for children. They are invited to choose an iconic building in their locality and to draw it with as much detail as they can. Entries, including the name and location of the building and why it is landmark to them, will be judged by the Pure Brick Studio team.

The four winning designs will then be constructed from Lego bricks by the team and presented to their young designers. Winners will also receive a YouTube video demonstrating how to construct their model.

Copies of the winning models will then join the 10 Stockport Landmarks on a grand tour around various Stockport schools this autumn!

Trail For All Ages.

We think the Landmarks of Stockport Trail is a marvellous way to promote pride in the town’s local heritage and to re-discover our beautiful buildings.

Go on. Have a history-packed walk in the fresh air, support Stockport and rediscover what it has to offer. Take the trail!

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