Building A Resilient Organisation: Pure’s Approach in the Pandemic

Posted on the 16th August 2021

The pandemic has certainly posed many huge challenges, forcing organisations and businesses to find new ways of working. How did our corporate team respond to build our resilience?

Judith Hutton, our Director of Human Resources, has written an article for the website of the Greater Manchester Good Employers Charter, outlining measures that we took. We are proud supporters of the Charter. You can read Judith’s article on Steps To Build A Resilient Organisation here.

Judith outlines the changes we made, the things we got right and yes, the things we did not. She also explains how we then responded to these.

From the outset, our corporate team of five directors, led by CEO Louise Parrott-Bates, set up new work practices essential to meet the needs of clients and staff.

We work with some extremely vulnerable clients and knew they would not be able to get through a pandemic without our support, so from day one we were determined to stay open and to offer a service to those who were in most need.

Judith Hutton. Director of Human Resources, Pure Innovations.

To mitigate the isolation of digitally-excluded clients who could not return, digital tablets with Zoom installed were distributed. For staff, remote flexible working was encouraged to accommodate family commitments.

For many more examples, do follow the link to Judith’s article. You’ll find a perceptive analysis of how we have responded to the pandemic and where we are now.

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