Client Artworks in Mcr Museum “Heirlooms” Exhibition!

Posted on the 18th August 2021

Ceramics made by talented artists at Pure Art Studio are now on public display at Manchester Museum.

“Heirlooms” is a collection of their artwork, inspired by the museum’s Heritage Futures exhibition and their own responses to the theme ‘Heirlooms.’

The project began with a series of creative workshops hosted by the museum. These enabled the artists to explore the collection. They could look closely at precious items that tell stories of the past.

Responding to questions such as ‘how will I be remembered?’ and ‘what should we keep for the future?’, they have created works that embody and preserve their personal histories.

The Heirlooms

Here are just a few of the artists’ works from the collection and the backstories that inspired them. Some artists choose not to release their names.

Gloria the Gator – by a Pure Artist

“I made up a character called Gloria the Gator. I invented her in 2016. She’s a caring thing who has the odd bad day, just like me. I want her to be huge. I want her to have at least six seasons, a movie and a cartoon. I want to be the famous Gloria guy, I want to be remembered as the guy that made that cartoon.”

cute ceramic yellow dragon Gloria with a shield from the Heirlooms collection

Jar of Hearts by Lulu Mostyn

“In November 2014, at 14 years old I was given a jar with hearts on it. My friends knew I liked the song Jar of Hearts. It was a get well soon gift. I wrote positive messages during self-isolation at age 21 to lift my spirits. I’ve kept writing them to spread positive vibes.”

white heirloom collection ceramic pot with red hearts on

Dad’s Necklace – by Amy Hallas

“I wanted to make a piece to remember my dad. he passed away. It’s a necklace he gave me and a portrait of him. I have really good memories of him. He was amazing.”

2 ceramic tiles. one depicting a chain and heart in relief, the other with an image of a man

Drawings – by a Pure Artist

“I am an artist and I love to draw. I feel like a super hero, drawing in the world. It’s perfect. I think sometimes it shows people how I feel and it makes people happy. This is how I want people to remember me.”

ceramic tile from teh heirlooms collection depicting cartoon people

Nan’s Glass Cockerel – Simon Blease

“My nan kept her ornaments on an old beuro. I liked this one best. It was a glass cockerel, it was passed onto her from her mother. Now my mum has it. We like it very much, it’s really smooth.”

ceramic tile featuring colourful cockerel

Creative Share Residency

All the items in the Heirloom collection were made by the artists at Pure Art Studio, alongside the ongoing artist residency, Creative Share. With ceramist Laura Negus, they are sharing skills, interests and experience

The artists each brought in items of their own on the theme of heirlooms. The discussions that followed helped develop their ideas around each item's importance. These were then captured on paper, before being transformed into expressive ceramic artworks.
The Heirlooms collection is a body of work they can really be proud of.

Abigail Betton - Pure Innovations, Arts Facilitator

The Creative Share residency is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

Heirlooms Collection Video

The Studio has also made this fab short video, narrated by its members, about their work. It outlines the different stages of the project and features many of the art works. Take a look.

Where can I see the Heirlooms Collection?

The Pure Art Studio Heirloom Collection is in one of the large windows on the front of Manchester Museum on Oxford Road.  It will be on display until Sunday, October 3rd. Do go along to see it if you can.

If you can’t make it, or want a closer look at some of the pieces, we also recommend the museum’s dedicated website page about the collection.

Find the collection at:

Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

Logo announcing the project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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