Community Cafe 422 in Longsight Now Open

Posted on the 12th August 2021

422 Cafe in Longsight is now open and we will be providing our established cafe training there for new Pure clients from the local area.

They’ll learn about food preparation, food hygiene, customer service and more.

Affordable menu

This community cafe is a light, airy, welcoming space and offers a very affordable menu. (Cake, £1! See our picture gallery below.) It’s great for coffee with friends, light lunches and children’s meals. There’s also a large table perfect for informal business meetings – as a few Pure staff recently discovered!

Pure Innovations clients and support staff will man the cafe Monday to Fridays, 9am-3pm for Manchester Vineyard. This is the organisation responsible for the amazing, largely volunteer-powered, rennovation of a lovely old building that has made the cafe possible. And the cafe is just the beginning!

Volunteer Power

422 Cafe is in the former Longsight Library and Public Hall.  For many years it was the Longsight Youth Centre. Manchester Vinyard has rescued it from years of dereliction and vandalism. Its members have moved mountains of rubble and under the guidance of Stuart Hogg, galvanised an army of volunteers in task parties to help restore and rennovate it. The goal is to create a thriving community hub with the cafe at its heart. Cafe manager Naomi Woodcock explains:

Our many plans for the rest of the building include establishing a community pantry and fridge so that no-one has to go hungry. Also, benefits advice sessions, hireable rooms for health and wellbeing activities such as yoga and counselling, a pop-up library and NHS diabetes clinics.
We are so pleased to be having Pure clients from the area here, helping us out and receiving valuable cafe training and experience.

Naomi Woodcock - Manchester Vinyard.

On the day we visited, Manchester Vinyard volunteer Carmen Lau had called in for a light lunch and to show the lovely new cafe to her proud mum, Cheuk.

Carmen has been helping out on alternate Sundays and other days too. And this is how versatile she has been!

I have done a lot of skip-filling which involves pushing heavy barrows of rubble. I've helped knock down a few walls, mopped floors, scraped paint off floorboards and painted walls. I've enjoyed it!
So many people in the wider community have come together in this project. We are making a safe space for everyone and that is very important right now.

Carmen Lau - Volunteer, Manchester Vinyard.

Work on the rest of the building is ongoing but 422 Cafe, at its centre, is an oasis of calm – and cake!

Do pop in if you are in the area for a tasty sandwich, toastie,  slice of cake or other light bite. And why not follow the 422 Hub on Facebook to keep up to date on their work?

Find 422 Cafe at 422 Stockport Road M12 4EX Manchester

Open 9am-3pm, Mon-Fri.


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