New Cafe: Lydia’s Tearoom in Foxdenton Park

Posted on the 17th August 2021

Lydia’s Tearoom is now open and new clients will soon be joining Pure’s Becky, serving coffee and cakes with smiles. It’s already a local hit, gathering it own customer “regulars”!

Our CEO, Louise Parrott-Bates, called in to say hello and met some of the fabulous Chadderton Together committee. All volunteers, they have powered the building’s renovation – and many other local community projects, including the annual Chadderton Day celebrations. We are running the tearoom together.

Foxdenton Park

Louise was very taken with the cafe and its surroundings. The building itself is a beautifully converted, former bowling pavillion in Chadderton’s Foxdenton Park. Across the green, it faces the empty yet stately Foxdenton Hall.

With its tennis courts, gardens, children’s play equipment and new cafe, the park is a great place for a family outing.

Foxdenton Park is beautifully maintained, and a real hidden gem. What a wonderful place for Pure clients to receive cafe and hospitality training!
The Chadderton Together committee has already worked wonders in creating a light and contemporary café for customers and we look forward to working together to make Lydia's Tearoom a great success.

Louise Parrott-Bates - CEO, Pure Innovations.

The tearoom serves a range of drinks, cakes, biscuits, sweets and ice creams. This is an introductory menu, soon to be extended. And true to the spirit of “Lydia”, so too will activities in the cafe.

Community Space

The tearoom is named after Lydia Becker, an influential early suffragist and political lobbyist who lived at Foxdenton Hall.

Building on her commitment to create a fairer society, Chadderton Together is keen to develop the new tearoom as a hub for wider community activities. It’s early days and these will be developed as the cafe’s popularity grows.

Although we have done a lot of fund-raising and other projects, we are novices in terms of running a cafe. We have been so impressed with the support we have received from Pure Innovations, especially from Rob Baker. He's been really helpful. It is great to be able to call on all that experience and knowledge to support us through the process.

Colin McLaren - Chadderton Together.

With its covered verandah and an interior boasting two glass walls, the cafe offers a bright, inviting space – whatever the weather has to offer. You’ll find us open Monday-Friday, 10.00am-3.30pm. 

Other Pure clients are also  involved in the project.  Our carpenters at The Woodshack have made doorstops and other wooden fittings. Meanwhile, artists at the Creative Hub are designing and printing new aprons for cafe clients and staff.

Pure Cafe Training

This new community cafe is a very welcome addition to our client offer. Clients benefit so much from all the skill-building and experience they acquire through our  supported cafe and hospitality training. Their confidence and employability is enhanced and it gives a real sense of purpose.

So, do come along and see us soon! And why not follow Lydia’s Tearoom’s Facebook page to keep up to date on all events and offers?

Open Mon-Fri, 10am-3.30pm

Where is Foxdenton Park?

The park is situated off Foxdenton Lane in Chadderton:

Springs Road.
OL9 9QS 

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