Pure CEO Wins in Woodwork but Crashes in Arcadia!

Posted on the 30th August 2021

Well … we can’t be good at everything can we?!

And despite that Xbox drubbing, (more to follow on that!) Louise Parrott-Bates thoroughly enjoyed her visit to our Woodshack project and our computer gaming centre, Arcadia.

Louise regularly drops in on different Pure projects to see how clients and staff are getting on. She already knew almost everyone at The Woodshack and Arcadia. Both activities are housed at The Falcon Business Centre in Chadderton.

Virtual Magic

The Virtual Reality (VR) headsets at Arcadia quickly caught Louise’s eye and she was keen to try them with client Jamie. Putting on a headset gives a 360 degree view of an entirely new three dimensional world. Mind boggling! They can open up exciting new worlds in ways that make you feel you are really there. We’ll be bringing you more on this in the future, so keep an eye out!

Louise and client Jamie both with white headsets and handsets looking in different directions in the Arcadia VR room.

Xbox Wipe Out

So, Louise really loved the VR experience. The Xbox challenge? Less so! (see pic at top of page) We suspect her co-player James must be an Xbox ninja. He was in his element! At the end of their game, their scores were – James: 65,000. Louise: nil.  Ouch! In fairness, she hadn’t played before . (But nil? … Really?!) Well done  James!

As you can see Arcadia is a great social place where clients can enjoy gaming together or individually. There’s always a lot of chat, plus a friendly Pure staff member such as Simon to provide support and encouragement

We also have a fab gaming studio for clients in  Stockport. Check out The Matrix here.

Woodwork For All

Our next stop-off was The Woodshack. Clients here were keen to show Louise some of their new carpentry skills in our fully-equipped workshop.

Community Support Worker Alan was to hand, making sure everyone was safe using the wide range of tools and equipment.

The team were adding final screws to their popular mini picnic benches – for squirrels! They’d also been busy applying wood preservative to the large planters they’d made from wooden decking. Now that’s an especially satisfying job. Louise happily helped add the finishing touches.

Many of the items made at The Woodshack are available to buy. Their sturdy bird boxes and hedgehog homes have proved especially popular. Follow this link to find out more.

Woodwork is such a rewarding activity. It builds skills and gives a real sense of accomplishment.

Find Out More

If you or someone you know with a learning difficulty or autism would like to know more, do get in touch.  You can email Kath Brooks at kathryn.brooks@pureinnovations.co.uk –  or give her a call on: 07872 423212.

Alternatively, use our Contact Form. We’d love to hear from you!

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