Mental Health Case Study – November 2021

Posted on the 15th December 2021

Nov 2021

Client: Male

Age: 51

Client has a diagnosis of bipolar effective disorder, depression and anxiety.

The Mental Health Network received a self-referral from client in February 2021 (signposted from CMHT).

Client was seeking some support with their wellbeing, some encouragement in accessing some groups in the community and support to build on their confidence.

Whilst getting to know the client we engaged on wellbeing walks to build on his confidence after struggling with social isolation for some time.

My client explained how he had been struggling with his diagnosis for a number of years and had, had difficulties finding the right prescription medication that he felt worked for him. Client has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act a number of times over the years. Client had been struggling to get out and about for a number of years and likes to stay at home, as this is their safe place.

Client expressed an interest in wanting to start some therapy to help deal with past traumas and life changes he had experienced.

I made a referral to Beacon Counselling asking for some complex case therapy for my client.

Together we explored groups, around wellbeing, art, and his many interests.

Client had an interest in Sparc and felt this sounded like a safe place to try.

I made a referral to Sparc. We received a quick response and arranged a look around and a membership sign up with them. Client felt very relaxed whilst there. Together we visited a few times. Client had breakfast in the café and a drink before he felt ready to try some of the groups.

We arranged to try the art group on Mondays. I supported the client with engaging with the groups to build on their confidence.

Client wanted some support with applying for PIP (personal Independence Payment). I supported the client with the claim form and at the assessment.

In October 2021 client expressed an interest in trying some volunteering. We searched together and explored different options.

I found a local community café that we’re advertising for volunteers. I supported the client in doing the application form and made contact with the café manager.

We arranged an interview and a trial at the café, after the trial had ended my client was offered one day a week volunteering opportunity, client was over the moon.



Client has been engaging well with accessing therapy at Beacon Counselling and is finding being able to open up and talk is making a huge difference in his confidence, wellbeing and mental health.

Client has been visiting Sparc weekly and is still engaging with the art group sessions, this has given him a sense of purpose.

I have supported my client in engaging in volunteering at the community café to help them with their confidence.  Client is now attending unsupported and engaging well. Client has been making pans of soup for the customers, this has gone very well.

Client is awaiting for the results of the PIP assessment.

Client feels in a much better place and is really pleased with the support he has received from Pure Innovations Mental Health Network.

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