Driving Up Quality – Our Commitment

Pure Innovations has signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code

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The Driving Up Quality Code is for providers and commissioners of services for people with learning disabilities.

Pure Innovations has signed up and is committed to the goals of the code.  These include ensuring that our care and support focus on people being happy and having a good quality of life. Our services must be person-centred and our organisation well-led.

You can read much more about the Driving Up Quality Code on the link to its website right here.

At Pure we are committed to continually review and improve our offer to our clients, ensuring we offer the very best and listen carefully to what our clients say to us.

That’s why the Driving Up Quality Code will help us shape, improve and design services that people want, ensuring people with lived experience are an integral part of this whole process.

We look forward to the challenges and opportunities this brings us on the journey.

Louise Parrott-Bates - Chief Executive Officer, Pure Innovations