Our Social Impact

Find out the difference we make in the community.

Two Pure Innovations clients on a two seater Bury Wheels for All bike with a third closing in on a single seater.

People are often surprised by the range and variety of the work we do in the community and its social impact. Our Pure Support projects, for example, encourage creativity, catering skills, exploring outdoors and much more. 95% of clients surveyed find the projects/activities they do enjoyable and they make them happy.

Our work covers many diverse areas, from enabling young people with learning difficulties to travel independently to tackling social isolation.

Here is an insight into our social impact showing how we have helped the community in the last year through stats, facts and inspirational stories. You can download a pdf version view the pages in the gallery below.

Did you know we have found paid work for 104 people through our Employment and Supported Internship programmes? These include people who needed extra support to train for a job role to work confidently and independently. This is great for clients, and also companies as they acquire excellent employees and a more diverse workforce.

We would like to give a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers who have given their time to Pure projects. The report includes this feedback from one of our volunteers about her favourite part of volunteering with Pure:

I get a lot out of volunteering. Not only is it an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, it's also allowed me to become more confident and comfortable as I develop certain skills which will be invaluable to me in the future as well as helping me realise what I want to do in with my life - be an art therapist!,

Jade - Pure volunteer

Please do take a few minutes to look at the report.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us to make such a difference within the community.