Alison: a Confident Commuter

Alison was very shy, quiet and lacking in confidence at the start of her Supported  Internship. As the months passed she has grown into an independent, confident and proud young woman – with a job! One...

Posted 09 Aug 2018

Alison Loreto Intern 17-18 Travel training

Things I Enjoy At Pure – By Damien

Damien has written this piece about the time he spends at Pure. It gives great insight into the different activities in our animation suite.  I have been going to Pure Innovations community projects since 20th November...

Posted 07 Aug 2018

Jobs Successes for Liam, Shardel and Aaron

Yes! Here are three more young people who all faced quite different challenges and have secured paid jobs as a result of their Tameside Supported Internships. Shardel (above left) is now an assistant at the...

Posted 24 Jul 2018

Media City Movie Stars

Action! Our Media City supported interns are the stars of our new mini movie showcasing their brilliant work. They include Tom (pictured) who is loving every minute of his time as a barback at The...

Posted 06 Jun 2018

Interns Celebrate At The Christie

The achievements of our brilliant supported interns based at The Christie were celebrated this week at a special event in their  honour. Bilal, Thomas and Connor were presented with certificates in recognition of their work...

Posted 25 May 2018

Supported Interns on the Access to Employment programme receive certificates at The Christie.

Interns at Media City.

We’ve just spent two fabulous days catching up with our Supported Interns out at Media City. It is a wonderful, modern backdrop to a wide range of work placements as you can see from the...

Posted 03 May 2018

Intern to Employee: Niall Nails it!

Niall was determined to secure himself a paid job when he joined our Supported Internship. All his hard work has paid off.  To his delight, Niall is now a Catering Assistant with Active Medlock. (Picture...

Posted 16 Apr 2018

Oldham Interns – the Whirlwind Tour

Hair salon assistant, decorator, admin support –  these are  some of the brilliant work placements held by our Oldham interns. Here is a taster of what they are up to,  out and about  building fences,...

Posted 28 Mar 2018

Interns inspired by visit to the Premier Inn

The Trafford Supported Internship group went on a employer visit at the Premier Inn Old Trafford.  Manager Jeanette and Team were fabulous! They showed them the ins and outs around all the different departments from...

Posted 05 Dec 2017

Liam – You’re Hired!

Liam began his Supported Internship with the goal of a paid job by the end of the year-long programme. Well Liam smashed it – in just eight weeks! He proved he is the right candidate...

Posted 24 Nov 2017

Liam at Active Medlock