Intern Harry Starts His Paid Job Today

This time last year Harry was about to start his Pure Supported Internship and wondering what the future would hold. Today he becomes an employee of Tameside NHS Foundation Trust. Harry will be working in...

Posted 11 Sep 2017

Harry K Tameside SI

From Internship to Employment: Here’s How.

Want to work in a hi-tech fitness centre? Or in the great outdoors? Or in a so-cool Manchester bar?  There are so many  opportunities on our Supported Internships – and work placements often turn into...

Posted 08 Aug 2017

Stepping Hill Interns: A Video Celebration

They’ve operated robots, worked in offices, cooked, cleaned,  served in cafes and yes, even sanitised skeletons – not real ones!  The young people on our Stepping Hill-based Supported Internship have had a great year  full...

Posted 27 Jul 2017

Liam Lands A Job

Liam has every reason to smile. He’s landed a paid job at Total Adrenaline. Congratulations! Liam is the latest of  our supported interns to prove to managers on his work placement that he’s got what...

Posted 12 Apr 2017

Trafford Interns’ Whistle-stop Movie

It’s all go on a Pure Supported Internship. See for yourself in our NEW short film on some of the  brilliant work the interns are doing on their placements. Work experience, job coaching and classroom...

Posted 03 Apr 2017

An intern answering the phone on Reception at Trafford General.

Job Success For Intern Josh

Congratulations to Josh on your paid job! Josh is on our Supported Internship at Trafford General Hospital and has started work at Forest Park Preparatory School in Sale. Here’s our two-minute video on Josh’s Story...

Posted 21 Feb 2017

Intern Josh laying tables in the school restaurant.

Recognition at National Awards

Congratulations to all involved in our Supported Internship in Trafford. The project has been presented with a  ‘Highly Commended’ certificate by the Festival of Learning. The Festival is run by the Learning and Work Institute...

Posted 08 Nov 2016

More Success for the Tameside Interns!

We’re delighted to announce the success of four more of our Tameside interns in securing paid jobs. Jacob, Arron, John and Thomas have each completed work placements as part of our Supported Internship programme, and are...

Posted 28 Jul 2016

Tameside interns, tameside internship, active tameside, John, Tameside John

Sky High Celebrations For Our Interns

Tuesday saw the Supported Interns taking part in the scheme at Manchester Airport recognised for their efforts, successes and achievements in a festive event at the Airport itself. The sun was beating down as Interns,...

Posted 26 Jul 2016

Pure Innovations, Supported Internships, Learning Disabilities, Manchester College, Manchester Airport

Supported Internships – Melissa & Sarah Get Cooking

We’d like to draw your attention to the stories of Melissa and Sarah who have both completed Supported Internships and moved on to paid work! The support and effort from Obson & Co. in making...

Posted 15 Mar 2016

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