Angela’s New Kitchen Skills Are A Family Favourite

Since starting Catering & Hospitality at The Boathouse Angela loves preparing food and helping out at home.

Pure Innovations client present scones baked in Catering at The Boathouse Cafe

Angela with scones that she has made at The Boathouse Cafe

Angela has come on in leaps and bounds since starting cafe training at The Boathouse in the Summer. When she first came to Pure she lacked confidence in the kitchen having had little experience in preparing food.

At The Boathouse Café Angela has been baking cakes, scones and preparing food with the support of our staff. She has also learned kitchen hygiene and safety which has really boosted her confidence in catering. Since coming to Pure Angela’s self-esteem and communication skills have improved so much from making friends and serving customers. Now she loves to bake and her new-found skills don’t just stop at our café.

Baking with her Mum is now one of Angela’s favourite pass times. Keeping it professional; she is always equipped with an apron. She enjoys helping around the house with setting tables, washing up and making lots and lots of tea – much to her family’s delight.

Angela has been helping out in the kitchen since she started at The Boathouse. She loves to make toasties, which are sometimes burnt, but are often just right - I always like to encourage her either way.

No matter what we are making she is always eager to learn. We recently made a lovely courgette cake that we brought in the cafe for everyone to try. We really like baking together as it's such a nice way to bond.

Angela's Mum

Great work Angela! We can’t wait to see your skills continue grow.

The Boathouse is based in the beautiful Alexandra Park in Oldham. You feel an immediate sense of community from the cafe, which is home to many of our projects. These include woodwork, a media team, a gardening group, animation and catering and hospitality.