Hannah’s Story

Work training in our cafes is a great way to develop life skills in a supportive environment – as Hannah has discovered.

Etherow park Cafe Hannah

"I like making sandwiches and taking them out to customers. The cafe is in the park and I love it here."

From the moment she gets up Hannah has a sense of purpose. She is going to help at a real café, serving real customers. She puts on her uniform and is ready with a smile for her day out in the wider community providing a really useful service.

The friendly Pure staff who run the cafes are always to hand with support and instruction when required. Hannah really enjoys having lots to do and like all the people on work training at our cafes, has learned important life and employment skills. These include punctuality, food hygiene, food preparation and social skills.

Not that punctuality has ever been an issue for Hannah – she is always so keen to get started!

‘Hannah has a very active social life and her other interests include horse riding and pub quizzes’, explained her mum Josie.

‘Her favourite thing though is working at the café. She really loves it.’

To find out more about our training  and how to access our services visit  Cafe Pure – Training