Toni Loves Learning With Pure.

Animation, cooking, Tai Chi, textiles: Toni loves her days with Pure.

Toni is a remarkable young woman who just loves to be busy. Whether it’s writing stories, making music, even building websites, she finds something interesting and fun to do with Pure Support every weekday.

Tai Chi is one of her favourite activities. We hold these sessions in the  dedicated  Tai Chi and Exercise room at The Jonathan Burns Centre in Middleton.  Her joint favourite is Animation and she combined them both in this fabulous short video.

Who will win this 60 second contest?

Toni also loves the Media Group and is a reporter for the groups e-newsletter.  The newsletter often includes a Creative Writing section. We caught up with Toni on the day she was presenting her fictional account of the arrest of a shoplifter by a very special law enforcement officer.

Watch out, Fiona Bruce!

I love it here. We have great teachers like Bernard who teaches Tai Chi and Music. Music is great too. I play the keyboard. I got one of my own last Christmas. Now I can play lots of things like Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Jingle Bells and Annie's Song.

In IT Simon taught us how to make a website. Everyone made one of their own about the Solar System. I enjoyed doing research on the planets and putting it together. At home I made another one all about my hobbies and interests.

I come here to learn and that's what I do. I love it.


You can see Toni’s  Solar System website here.  Everyone in the group designed their own. Very impressive! There is, of course, also instruction on staying safe online.

Toni also gets involved with the Textiles group at the Jonathan Burns Centre and is now making a rag doll of her own design.

Toni gets involved in everything and always wants to learn more.
She is a very active member of the centre's Client Forum and always has lots of ideas for new things that we can do. Recently for example she suggested we buy Echo Dot speakers with some of the proceeds from our Summer Fair. We did and they have proved very useful for every one. A great idea!

Carolyn Ray - Pure Support.

The centre is always a hive of activity with a great range of activities to choose from. We also have a lots of interesting supported activities in Stockport too.

With her love of reading, fascination with history and passion for cookery shows, Toni has many interests  and it is a pleasure to support her in her quest to learn as much as she possibly can.