Re-Opening Pure Support Services

The phased re-opening of Pure Support services In Stockport, Rochdale and Oldham commenced in June.

All our safety measures can be found here.

Drawing of two people out side a Pure building waving

We are delighted that our support service at The Jonathan Burns Centre in Middleton re-opened from Monday June 8th.

Support services at The Boathouse  in Oldham resumed from June 15th.

Stockport services at Vernon Park, The Grey Horse and Sanderling building also re-opened from June 15th.

Numbers of clients are of necessity restricted due to important social distancing measures. Unfortunately some activities are not available due to Government restrictions, for example, farm volunteering and other excursions from our buildings.

You can read our news post about the first week of our re-opening here.

Of course parents and carers have natural concerns and questions around safety. Our aim here is to keep everyone informed about all our safety measures.

Safety First

We have been working hard on our recovery plan to ensure that staff inductions, risk assessments, safe environments and safe working guidelines/protocols are all in place. At the same time we acknowledge that two-metre social distancing cannot always be adhered to due to the nature of aspects of our work such as personal care, lunch support or human behaviours.

Below is a list of the extensive safety measures we have taken. We hope they give comfort and assurance that we are taking all the steps we possibly can to ensure clients and staff are kept safe and well whilst at Pure Innovations.

One measure is this very engaging animation created by Abigail Betton for clients. It explains social distancing in a very accessible way so please do share this with them prior to their return to Pure Support services.

Look out for Avatar Abbi!

Important Safety Measures For Re-opening

These are some of the steps we are taking in advance of re-opening Pure Support services:

  • A full Risk Assessment has been completed. (See the download link below to read it)
  • Staff are undertaking a new ‘return to work’ induction focusing on infection control and new ways of working prior to phased re-opening. 
  • Each building and vehicle has had a deep clean prior to re-opening.
  • Two metre markings are being made outside each building to aid social distancing.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at each entrance point.
  • Adequate PPE will be available. Staff will be wearing face masks at all times.
  • The number of entrance and exit points have been increased where possible to reduce traffic.
  • Rooms are laid out in accordance with two-metre ruling.
  • Each room has a window that opens to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Each room will have a supply of bins, tissues, hand sanitiser, cleaning products and PPE.
  • Staff/client ratios have been mapped out within each room, to allow for 2 metre distancing .
  • Each group will remain together for the day within identified rooms.
  • Lunch will be eaten in these areas/with these groups. Everyone to provide their own lunch.
  • New schedules have been introduced for regular cleaning of high touch point areas throughout the day.
  • Outdoor breaks/local walks will be encouraged as much as possible, (adhering to Government guidance, staffing levels and weather permitting.)
  • Public transport is to be avoided where possible. If traveling in by public transport, our expectation is that people will follow Government guidance by wearing a face covering.

Please note that:

  • No parents/carers/visitors will be allowed in the buildings
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 during the day will be sent home, but will remain in an isolated area until picked up
  • In this instance, advice will be sought from Public Health Team 

Please can we request that your son/daughter/client:-

  • brings in a packed lunch that does not require heating
  • wears clean clothes each day
  • if receiving Pure Support transport, wears a face covering on transport.
  • if being dropped off and there is a queue outside the building, please wait in your car until the queue has reduced


  • Clients use their own travel mug for use for drinks. 
  • Wear a face covering throughout the day.
Activity Room with social distancing markers on the floor

Preparations for social distancing.

Any concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns we would be happy to help. Please direct your enquiries to:

Stockport Rochdale and Oldham Service – Kath Brooks 07872 423212

Director of Compliance and Health & Safety – Peter Locke  07872424580

CEO 075950 01998

We very much look forward to welcoming  everyone back to Pure Innovations.