Step Programme: Further Learning

The Steps programme is aimed at helping young people on the road to employment.

Step student at the wheel of a fork lift truck

Step – Steps Toward Employment and Progression

The Steps programme is a two year course for young people with an Education Health and Care Plan and is designed to enable them to fulfil their potential.

It awards qualifications at levels dependent on the individual learner’s abilities. Classroom teaching is supplemented by learning from experience on work placements, life skills activities, work place visits and enrichment pursuits.

Programme Goals

The programme prepares students for the transition into:

  • paid employment
  • Supported Internship
  • a vocational college course specific to their goals
  • long term voluntary work

It also builds confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Some students progress into the above opportunities at the end of just one year.

Students attend for three days a week during Manchester City Council school term dates. Two of these days are for classroom-based learning. The third is for work placements, activities and visits.

female student from Pure Innovations programme STEPs enjoying learning about the checkout till at Tesco on a trip for work experience

Workplace Visits.

Pure staff arrange workplace visits that introduce learners to the many varied roles available in the world of employment. These have included behind-the-scenes tours with:

Follow the links to learn how they got on.

Supported Work Placements

Supported work placements are sourced by Pure Employment Officers and are tailored to the potential and aspirations of each student.  Our job coaches provide the one-to-one support required to enable them to fulfil their new roles. They give learners confidence in their new environments and help them learn new tasks until they can work  independently.

Here you can read about Dan whose placement at the Premier Inn in Manchester led to his paid job.

We also provide Travel Training to enable many learners to commute independently where appropriate.

Enrichment activities are also an important ingredient in the mix.  These have included ten pin bowling, cultural excursions and music sessions. Find out more here.

A former student talks about his job to teh new students in the hotel reception

Variety in Learning

The students work towards nationally recognised qualifications by building up a portfolio of coursework.

The course is run by our partners at Manchester Adult Education Service MAES. The training is based at Wythenshawe Forum for the two day curriculum delivery.

The third day is based in the community. Learning is through experience  or observation rather than formal teaching and includes everyday living skills, promotion of health messages and creative projects to build confidence, communication skills and teamwork.

Students will experience workplaces, cultural spaces and sports activities.


Learners study either at:

Entry Level 1 in the first year and progress to  Entry Level Two in year two


Study at Entry Level 3 in their first year, progressing to Level 1 in year two.

Course elements include:

  • Maths, English and ICT skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Personal development
  • Citizenship
  • Employability
  • Work experience
  • Travel training

Groups are small with no more than eight learners in each session supervised by one tutor and at least two support workers.

Welfare and Benefits

We also have a Welfare and Benefits Advisor available to provide personalised support to each student’s family.

Parents and Carers Matter

Parents and carers are invited to regular drop-in sessions, progress reviews and celebration events to ensure the student’s needs are being fulfilled.

How to Access the Steps Programme

Please contact Leah Coyle, Senior Transitions Officer at Pure Innovations:

07713 081252

or Lorraine Godkin

tel -Mobile 07949 977585

or discuss transition to STEP with your Education Caseworker, College Transitions Officer, or Pastoral Tutor.