Aaron’s story

Mobile phone alarms helped Aaron turn his work placement into a job.

The step from college to an internship can seem like a big one – but that’s where support from Pure makes the difference.

Aaron has difficulties with his short term memory and on his first work placement on reception at Active Medlock Leisure Centre, a bespoke timetable was created for him. It detailed exactly what had to be done when, enabling him to work independently. Aaron also set alarms on his phone to keep his time-keeping well and truly on track.

Aaron and his laptop

Like many of us, Aaron can find it easy to say he agrees with something rather than ask for more explanation. His job coach Jade King reminded him that it is perfectly fine to ask and this reassurance really helped him develope.

Aaron’s placements included a data entry role for the Live Well Team at the Active Ken Ward Centre. His ability to decipher doctors’ handwriting was very impressive!

It was in his third placement at the Co-op on Talbot Road, Hyde that he really flourished. He enjoyed the work and realised that retail was for him. He worked so hard that to his delight, the store manager offered him a job.

Aaron stacking shelves

I am really pleased and am looking forward to the future. I have always wanted to work because I just didn’t want to stay at home doing nothing.

I am proud of myself for finishing the Internship and I am enjoying working at the Co-op.


The transition from college to work can be a worrying time for parents too but  Aaron’s mum is delighted with  the outcome.

I was worried at the start of the Internship because it wasn’t what we had expected. I thought that Aaron would be going straight into paid employment.

In hindsight this turned out to be the best outcome for Aaron. We feel that his confidence has grown and we have now become more optimistic about his future. We are really pleased that Aaron has now secured a paid job at the Co-op and he has even been asked to cover extra shifts.

Jane - Aaron's mother.

Aaron has demonstrated an exemplary attitude and work ethos while on placement. He is an example of how successful a young person can be when given the opportunity by progressive employers such as the Co-op. We wish him every success.

Our thanks of course to the Co-op and to our partners:

It is clear that Supported Internships really can have a huge impact on job prospects for young people with a learning difficulty or disability.

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