Alex’s Internship Story

Alex didn't like change. How did he manage the transition from college to Internship and paid work?


A change for the good.

Leaving college behind was a challenging time for Alex. He needed routine. When his first work placement didn’t offer quite enough of this,  we transferred him to another role as a Poolside Attendant at Active Medlock.

With one-to-one support Alex began to acquire key skills. Helpful prompts were put in place such as task checklists and alarms on his phone to signal when he should start and stop work. The strange became more familiar.

His second placement was in the Active Medlock cafe where Alex  really began to flourish and take on more tasks.

He also underwent Pure’s Travel Training to enable him use public transport. This  was another significant challenge but one that would greatly enhance his independence.

Alex is now travel trained on multiple bus routes and growing in confidence all the time. He has also made great progress in his ability to adapt to change, something that had caused him considerable anxiety in the past.

Stacey Andrew - Tutor. Tameside College.

Placement Three was at I Train,  one of Active Tameside’s hi-tech fitness centres. Alex’s can-do attitude and enthusiasm made him very popular and he quickly adapted to  his new routines.

He was very pleased when he was offered a working interview. Alex did so well that he was offered the job.

He is now a wage earner, working as a Facility Attendant in the cafe and play areas. He serves customers, clears tables,  helps with food preparation and keeps the play area and toys sanitised.  He is learning new skills and taking on more tasks all the time.

I feel proud and it is something to look forward to. It was a good day when I got offered the job! I feel more confident with lots of things, especially talking to different people.

I've done well with the travelling and can handle anxiety, especially with change.


We leave the last words to Alex’s parents who have been supportive throughout.

And we thank them for all their lovely comments!

Alex would not have been where he is today without Pure Innovations. This Internship has been brilliant for Alex and was just what he needed and at the right time. From the start of the Internship Pure have been a constant support to Alex and ourselves.

Alex has matured and tends not to get stressed or worry as much because he is happy and settled now, plus he has his job at I Train. His future looks bright.

Michaela and John - Alex's parents.

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We work together to improve the lives of young people and we all congratulate Alex on his achievements.