Amir’s Hard Work Leads to Job Success!

While on placement as a Logistics Officer, Amir's eagerness to learn and his great work ethic got him a paid job.

Amir supported internship salford royal hospital paid job

Amir secured his job as a Logistics Officer at Salford Royal Hospital through the Pure Supported Internship. He is one of our interns who has come back to complete the course after it was cut short by lockdown back in March. Amir will be working in Receipt & Distribution (R&D) in hours around his daily classroom sessions.

Impressing on Placement

Amir earned his job through his commitment, hardworking attitude and great timekeeping skills.

When he started in R&D, he also demonstrated great initiative. Hospitals are complex sites and Amir wrote down all the departments, buildings and housekeeper names in his pocket notebook. He used this to help in his role and minimise assistance from his busy team. What a fab idea!

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Navigating Tunnels

Amir’s biggest challenge was finding his way around the vast Salford Royal site. There is also an added layer of complexity that visitors rarely see: underground tunnels!

Through experience on his first and second placements, Amir mastered these underground routes too. He can now independently navigate around the hospital, above and below ground, safely and efficiently.

Amir’s Role

Amir’s role as a Logistics Officer includes:

  • Delivering stock to the wards
  • Ensuring delivered stocks are signed for by Housekeepers
  • Collecting empty trollies/cages around the Hospital, making it a cleaner and safer environment for staff and patients

This Supported Internship is a partnership between Pure Innovations, Salford Royal Hospital, Salford Council and Eccles Sixth Form College.


I joined the internship because I wanted to gain more experience, new work skills and be more confident in order to get a paid job. I like to challenge myself and so I wanted to try this. I was excited and happy to get a paid job!

The Internship has helped me with all kinds of things like getting me to the stage that I feel confident and ready to work from my placement experiences, sourcing the job in the area of work I was looking for, communicating with my manager, making a CV. They helped me with the new starter forms and ID checks, communicating to my manager and making me feel comfortable in work. Also keeping me informed of any changes.

I enjoy having a purpose and being proud to work at the hospital. Also, challenging myself to gain more qualifications and more skills. I too like earning money and wish to save up to help my family. I am now communicating better, learning my way around a big site, working as part of a team.

To anyone starting the internship I would say always listen to instruction and try your best. Work as hard as you can and always ask for help if you are struggling.


Trainee Becomes Trainer

Receipt and Distribution was Amir’s second placement on the internship. His first was with Theatre Stores. On his placement in R&D he was trained by Luke. Luke is a familiar face to Pure. He secured his own job on a Supported Internship six years ago.

Now that Amir is working in his paid role, he will be following in Luke’s footsteps by training future interns. He is already set up to work with a new intern when they begin their placement.

Pure Supported Internships

Amir’s Supported Internship programme is a partnership between Pure Innovations, Salford Royal Hospital, Salford Council and Eccles Sixth Form College.

We have 11 internships sites in Greater Manchester serving a total of 100+ interns. You can find more information about them here. 

Good Luck Amir

Congratulations Amir on your success in these difficult times!