Chadley’s Supported Internship

We’ve talked before about transferable workplace skills and how important they are to our Supported Interns; a varied skill set can really help in the workplace and today’s job market.

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"He's a perfectionist, is Chadley. He won't leave a job until its done right, and he's got high standards."

- Mick, Greenscape Manager

Chadley’s story really helps to demonstrate just how varied work placements can be, and what a difference it can make to an intern when they find the job that’s right for them.

His first placement had him in the Outpatients Department at Tameside Hospital, helping to distribute customer comment cards and directing patients to different suites around the hospital grounds.

Noting the excellent communication skills he displayed, staff decided to move Chadley on to the High Intensity Treatment Clinic, where he performed admin and patient liason duties admirably.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, as Chadley says:

“I had problems with my confidence. The tasks seemed a bit too much at times, and I worried that I wasn’t doing my best.”

Even when a Supported Intern is a quick study and adept at picking up skills, it doesn’t mean that the internship is easy, or without its challenges. Confidence in yourself and in your skills is a key part of every job and workplace, and its not always easy to find.

So, to face the challenge and perhaps overcome his confidence issues, Chadley took things outside, literally!

His second placement was with the Grounds Maintenance Team at Active Tameside’s Copley facility, where his role couldn’t have been further from his duties at the hospital, and it was here that Chadley found his natural element.

Before the Supported Internship, Chadley’s Mum says his free time was spent cooped up away at home, playing on the computer, and the fact that he’s really taken a shine to outdoor work is a surprise.

The skills he picked up on this second placement really stood Chadley in good stead as he applied for a paid role with Greenscape, a local Environmental Contractor and Landscaping firm with strong ties to the community and The Leap Centre, whom you may remember from Katy’s story.

Pure Innovations, Disability, Learning, Supported Internships, Tameside, Work, Skills

ow, Chadley is working outdoors and picking up new skills every day; from lawn care to hedge trimming, grounds keeping and park maintenance.

Talking about his new paid role he says:


“Its great! I love gardening. I used to be on my computer all the time, but now I love being outside, and the team are all brill.”

Mick, the Manager at Greenscape says:

“He’s a perfectionist, is Chadley. He won’t leave a job until its done right, and he’s got very high standards. Brilliant lad.”

While he’s loving his new role outdoors and working on his feet, he’s not given up on his love of gaming. When asked what he’ll use his first pay on, Chadley grinned and told us:

“A new computer game!”

We had a lot of partners helping out with Chadley’s journey, and we’d like to thank them for their time, effort and support; they make all the difference in helping young people with difficulties and disabilities find work and gain important skills. They are:

If you’d like to find out more about our Supported Internships, then follow this link, or alternatively get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities.