Gareth’s Supported Internship Story

Since starting his Supported Internship in September, Gareth has come a long way. He’s a friendly young man that enjoys music and dancing who is involved with group activities via Adult Services, but work presented a whole new challenge for him.

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"We're very proud of him and are delighted that he's got a job with Active Medlock."
- Gareth's parents, Karen & Dave

Thanks to the “Tameside YES” initiative, run by Tameside Council, it was possible for Gareth to secure a placement on the Supported Internship programme and get a chance to experience work.

Having been a client of Active Tameside Medlock prior to starting the Internship, Gareth was familiar with his surroundings and eager to get to work. His first placement had him working at the Sky High Arena, helping to maintain the high standards of safety, cleanliness and additional housekeeping work within the arena.

After doing well in his first role, Gareth moved on to the Soft Play area within the Sky High Arena. He excelled in performing a systematic routine of deep cleaning & sanitizing throughout the whole area on a weekly basis. Building on the skills and knowledge learned during his first placement, when his cleaning duties are complete Gareth performs ad-hoc duties, including helping to perform safety harness checks in the Clip & Climb area.

This second placement led to Gareth being offered a paid job as a Facility Attendant for the Sky High Arena at Medlock!

In his own words:

“I’m happy and really proud. This is my first paid job. Its helped me to be more organised, at home too, and I like to go out places with the friends I have made at the Internship.”

He’s looking forward to using some of his pay on taking his girlfriend out for a meal, and going to the cinema with his friend Zac, too!

Gareth’s parents, Karen & Dave said:

“Being on the Supported Internship has been great for Gareth. He has really developed and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of work. We’re very proud of him and are delighted that he’s got a job with Active Medlock.”

Sharon Jones, Gareth’s key worker at Active Tameside told us:

“Gareth is great! He doesn’t need to be told what to do; he just get on with things and completes all of his tasks. He’s friendly, pleasant, always polite and it’s just great that he’s got a paid job.”

Stacey Andrew, Tutor from Tameside College said:

“Gareth has come a long way since starting the Internship. Both work placements carried a lot of responsibility, and as the roles & tasks increased he prioritised his duties by making his own schedule, using it as a check list on a daily basis.

Organisation, planning and working independently are all skills that Gareth has built upon during the Internship and continues to improve and develop. He’s gone from being a client of Active Tameside Medlock to a valued member of the team.”

We’d like to thank our partners, without whom the Supported Internship programme would not be possible; Tameside Council, Active Tameside and Tameside College. Their help and support are key in giving disadvantaged young people a chance to experience the workplace and potentially find employment.