George’s Supported Internship Story

Here is George, in his element, working at The Alchemist – one of the coolest cocktail bars in town.

Supported Intern George behind the bar at the Alchemist Manchester.

"If I didn't have this job I don't know what I'd do. You know it is an amazing feeling to know that you are in work and not sat at home doing nothing."
- George

Here is George, in his element, working at The Alchemist – one of the coolest cocktail bars in town.

As a ‘bar back’ his wide range of duties include preparing  ice bombs, fruits, foams and other mystical ingredients for The Alchemist’s show-stopping creations. He helps with deliveries too and his role is always expanding.

The path to his paid job began  on a Pure Supported Internship in partnership with Manchester City Council and Manchester College. You can see George at work – plus a brilliant dash of Alchemist magic –  in his video below!

George loves being out and about in Manchester. He looks forward to work each day and thrives on the bar’s lively, friendly atmosphere. His cheerful outlook and keen work ethic has made him a valued member of the team.

George enrolled on the internship straight from college and so has never been unemployed. It is quite clear how much his job means to him. His role is always expanding as he acquires new skills and takes on more duties. Leah explains how he was matched to The Alchemist.

George’s employement officer Tim recognised that George would be well-suited to a role in the hospitality industry with his people skills and strong commitment to work. He matched him with a great placement opportunity offered by The Alchemist’s parent company Living Ventures.

Living Ventures have been an amazing strategic partner for us on the Manchester Supported Internship. They has provided numerous placements for our young people that have developed into paid employment.

It is fantastic to work with an employer that truly embraces the concept of supported internship and inspirational to see so many of our interns working in such beautiful venues across the city centre including The Alchemist and Australasia.

Leah – Pure Supported Internships
Pure has Supported Internship sites across Greater Manchester, all offering three blocks of 10-week work placements. Interns acquire valuable work experience and job skills that help them discover their own strengths and aspirations. Placements frequently transition into paid jobs.

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