Hafsah’s Supported Internship Success

Read how our Supported Internship transformed Hafsah from a shy young woman to a confident adult who appeared on television!

Hafsah was an intern on our 2017/18 Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT) Supported Internship. She had multiple work placements throughout the year-long programme. Along with classroom based work, these placements provided her with valuable skills and the tools needed for employment.

Hafsah was over the moon when she was told she had earned a paid job in Administration at the Dental Hospital! Throughout the internship Hafsah showed a great eye for detail – perfect for her new role. She has since become such a key part of the team that she now works there full-time.

BBC North West Tonight

Hafsah’s new found confidence definitely came of good use when she was interviewed for BBC North West Tonight. This was part of a week long focus on Supported Internships in which Pure featured. On the programme she explained the impact of having a job has had on her life.

Skip to 1:50 for Hafsah’s feature.

Our thanks to BBC for sending this brilliant video for our use.

Watch This Space: Hafsah’s New Found Independence

Hafsah has found the team very supportive which giving her confidence and great communication skills. Hafsah is now much more comfortable talking to patients and colleagues. She always looks forward to coming to work – great to hear! Hafsah has also been enjoying the independence that employment provides – as well as the paycheck. She has recently bought a cool new watch and is saving to buy a house!

A Transformation

Hafsah has come a long way since starting the internship and she is looking forward to her future career in Healthcare. One person who has seen her journey first hand is her tutor.

The transformation that we have seen in Hafsah since her year on the Supported Internship has been incredible. The opportunities that Hafsah had on her placements really supported her to develop her work skills, confidence and self-esteem. Hafsah is a fantastic role model to other young people. She is clearly a valued member of the team and I am sure she will continue to develop her skills and be an asset to MFT.

Jodie Booth - Curriculum Manager, The Manchester College

For this internship we work in partnership with MFT and The Manchester College to transform the lives of young adults like Hafsah. This story is proof that Supported Internships do just that. They are the perfect bridge between education and employment for young adults.

Congratulations Hafsah and all the best to you in your future career!