Harry’s Internship Story

The benefits of the Supported Internship extended into all areas of Harry's life - and yes, he landed a job too!

Harry K Tameside SI

At home amongst complex medical equipment.

Harry didn’t know quite what to expect when he started his  first  Internship work placement. He was placed with the Medical Equipment Services (MES) team at Tameside Hospital. But what would he be doing?

There was no cause for concern as Harry’s one-to-one job coach, Gayatri, supported him right from the start. The MES  team made him so welcome and he was quickly  out and about collecting broken equipment from around the hospital and returning it once repaired.

His confidence and self-belief grew dramatically and his role expanded to other tasks including the assembling of medical equipment and calibration of medical thermometers.

Teamwork in action with the MES.

Harry loves having his own notepad,  screwdriver and other kit. His enthusiasm for  his role and willingness to learn new skills quickly made him a very popular member of the team. But it was more than just work skills that Harry acquired, as mum Catherine explains.

I have been overwhelmed by the impact the Supported Internship has had on my son Harry and this is noticeable in all areas of his life.

Becoming part of the Medical Equipment Team has not only given him confidence in his abilities but vastly improved them. It has allowed him to learn new skills, to believe in himself, motivate himself to start and complete tasks and develop his independence.

He is so proud to wear his MES uniform and readily talks about his day, who he has worked with in the department and where he's visited while on deliveries. He now seems well aware of the layout of the hospital and tells me he can find his way by himself.

Catherine - Harry's mum.

Confident in his role.

Birthday Surprise Was Just the Job

Harry was such a good fit for his work placement that it continued across the Internship. Then on his birthday, Harry was given the best news. He was offered a paid job with MES.

Harry is now a paid employee. His supervisor believes he is  capable of even more tasks and will always encourage him to extend his role.

Congratulations Harry!

We would like to thank Tameside College, Tameside Council, Gayatri, all the team  at Medical Equipment Services and everyone around the hospital who has met Harry and given him extra confidence just by being friendly! Special mention to Theatres staff and Emma at ITU.

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