Hotel Football: An Internship Winner for Bobbie

Intern Bobbie lays out stationery at Hotel Football.

Supercool Hotel Football right next to Manchester United‘s  Old Trafford home is a stunning workplace whatever your football colours.

Bobbie landed a work placement there on our Media City Supported Internship and within weeks it became her own theatre of dreams.  Hotel Football offered her a paid job!

Bobbie is now an Events Assistant and a valued member of the hotel’s Events team.

The work placement was secured by Pure Senior Employment Officer Kate Duffy. Success may have been rapid for Bobbie but that’s not to say that she found it  easy.  When she began the internship she was lacking in self confidence and very anxious about the prospect of her 10 week work placement.

But this programme isn’t called a Supported Internship for nothing!

Bobbie was paired with a job coach from The Manchester College. The support was mainly to reassure Bobbie, to help her settle in and ensure she understood what was expected of her.  We can all find it intimidating to meet new colleagues and learn new tasks but Bobbie wasn’t left to  deal with it on her own.

Doing the internship and placement at Hotel Football then gaining employment has helped Bobbie thrive.

She has grown so much in confidence and self esteem that she is now helping others around her. Bobbie has become more organised, independent and mature and proved she has a great work ethic.

Jackie Vaughan - Bobbie's mum.

Bobbie’s role included setting out the cutlery and crockery for events, serving food and drinks to customers, clearing away and general customer service duties.

A little support as she learned what to do was all that was required.

Bobbie was very quickly proving to herself that she could do the jobs that were being asked of her. She was working independently and impressing her Hotel Football supervisors with her commitment.

Then came the ultimate seal of approval:  the offer of a job.

Bobbie has grown in confidence since she first started at the hotel. She works within a team with colleagues who she has to communicate with on a daily basis.
Bobbie can do jobs that are asked of her with confidence and on her own and has picked up quickly what it is expected of her whilst on shift.
She has also gained responsibility in completing tasks, talking to customers during events and has no problem doing so.

Rebekah Shaw - Events Manager, Hotel Football.
Supported Intern Bobbie at Hotel Football.

Bobbie (R) with Rebekah Shaw

Bobbie’s friendly personality, her reliability and commitment to be the best she can at work make her so right for the role. She is always smart, always on time and always willing to learn more.

She has even been singled out for special praise by Hotel Football customers to management.  She also does very well for the staff tips pool!

Our congratulations to Bobbie on such a great achievement.

Our warm thanks also to Hotel Football. Supported Internships are dependent on progressive  employers and organisations that are prepared give young people a chance to prove their value in the world of work. What a result!

Little wonder that along with our partners The Manchester College and Bobbie, we are of course over the moon!