Imran’s Airport Story

A Supported Internship with Pure Innovations helped Imran follow in his father's footsteps and achieve a lifelong dream.

Job Coach, Pure Innovations, Supported Employment, Supported Internships, Disability, Learning Difficulties, Education, Post 16

"I knew this is what I wanted to do. The Supported Internship helped to get me here."

While a learning disability hampered his academic efforts, it couldn’t stop Imran from wanting to work alongside his father at one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Very shy and lacking any real work experience, Imran built up the courage to apply for a Supported Internship; a huge first step. He knew that he wanted to find paid employment, and he’d often visited Manchester Airport while growing up, so when the opportunity arose it seemed perfect.

With help from staff, Imran became familiar with the airport as viewed from the business side; he settled in very quickly and felt as if he was a part of the team.

His polite, enthusiastic and well mannered nature seemed perfectly suited to a customer-facing role, and with coaching to overcome his shyness, Imran began a work placement as a Trolley Operative.

Job Coach, Pure Innovations, Supported Employment, Supported Internships, Disability, Learning Difficulties, Education, Post 16

"I love working here. I want to come here every day."

While the role was very physical, Imran rose to the occasion and embraced the challenge. Though his core duty was to ensure that luggage trollies were collected and returned to be available for use by travellers, the role brought Imran into direct contact with customers.

Here his enthusiasm for the airport and his role began to shine, and Imran proved to be a ready and valuable source for customer assistance; something the airport staff recognised.

Finding his placement very rewarding, Imran worked with support from Pure Innovations coaches and Manchester College tutors in order to ensure that his academic qualifications matched that enthusiasm.

Normally, students on a Supported Internship are offered a variety of roles, but Imran was certain that he’d found his calling as part of the Airport’s team. Following a discussion with the Transport Manager, his placement was extended and he soon progressed to the point where he was offered a working interview.

Going through interview preparation techniques with Pure’s support helped to give Imran the confidence he needed to succeed, and within a month he was offered a paid contract.

Now a valued and paid Manchester Airport Group employee for over 12 months, Imran’s confidence has grown and grown.

Giving a talk to assembled staff, students and supporters of the Internship programme at Manchester Airport, Imran related his journey, explaining how much his achievements meant to him, and how a Supported Internship had changed his life.

We’d like to thank our partners; The Manchester College, Manchester Airport Group and the companies who offered placements to our Interns, including Crowne Plaza Hotels, the Clayton Hotel at Manchester Airport, World Duty Free Group, and of course Manchester Airport itself.