Jordon’s Supported Internship

Struggling to cope with change presented an extremely challenging barrier to Jordon finding work, but with the right help and guidance he made it.

Supported Internships, Pure Employment, Active Tameside, Tameside College, Disability, Employment

"I wasn't good with changes; I liked things to stay the same."

Following rules has never been a problem for Jordon; he’s been awarded “Student of the Year” twice in a row at Tameside College, and his tutor Stacy Andrew describes him as hard working, dedicated and self-motivated.

When life required he move beyond his boundaries, though, Jordon struggled to cope with changes and his confidence suffered, despite his best intentions.

With encouragement from Neil Willows, Senior Employment Officer here at Pure and input from Active Tameside, Jordon set himself a goal; he’d complete the course and do his very best to gain paid employment.

Supported Internships, Pure Employment, Active Tameside, Tameside College, Disability, Employment

His first work placement was as a Facility Attendant at Active Tameside Medlock, maintaining and cleaning the busy areas used by Active customers, ensuring that strict health and safety standards were met.

Becoming accustomed to the changes, Jordon quickly began to shine in his new surroundings and within just six weeks he was already in a position to mentor and support his peers within the Supported Internship program.

Feeling confident and independent in his new role, Jordon’s success saw him start a four week working interview – at a different location! Would he cope with the change?

"I was nervous; really nervous, but looked forward to starting at New Charter Academy!"

Jordon, talking about his working interview.

Making an excellent start in his new role, Jordon went on to impress everyone with how well he managed to cope this time.

"Pure Innovations and Active Tameside made the transition period for Jordan as easy as possible and he made himself at home with the team. He used his initiative within his role and has grown in confidence."

Chris Moorhouse, Preparing for Adulthood Development Officer, Active Tameside

During his fourth week at New Charter Academy, Jordon was called in to meet with his manager, Andy Hulme. He didn’t know whether the news would be good or bad, but he knew he’d done his absolute best.

When Andy confirmed that the working interview had been successful, Jordon was overwhelmed!

"I was so pleased to have achieved my goal. Earning my own money is going to help me to be independent, but I don't know what I'm going to spend it on yet!"

Jordon, enjoying his success.

"Thanks to the support that Jordon has received while on the Internship, he's grown tremendously, especially his confidence.

Jordon has loved and continues to embrace every minute of the Internship. It's done so much for him."

Karen, Jordon's Mum

We had a lot of partners helping out with Jordon’s journey, and we’d like to thank them for their time, effort and support; they make all the difference in helping young people with difficulties and disabilities find work and gain important skills. They are:

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