Josh’s Supported Internship Story

Josh proves his wheelchair is not a barrier to paid work.

Josh cleans a perspex barrier.

Clearly a winner.

Finding work is hard enough for anyone but Josh faced the additional challenge of the assumptions society can make about  someone in a wheelchair. What he needed was the opportunity to demonstrate  his abilities in a work place – and that’s exactly what he did on our Tameside Supported Internship.

In his first placement, Josh worked in the creche at Active Medlock supervising children and completing routine household and maintenance tasks. With support from his job coach, he quickly learned his tasks.

Another poster for the board.

For placement two, he worked at Sky High Adventure on reception and in a housekeeping role in the arena. The skills he acquired equipped him very well for his third role as a Facility Attendant at Active Copley – so well that management, impressed with  his enthusiasm and ability, offered him a job.

I wasn't expecting to get a paid job that quick because it can take a long time. I feel very motivated to work and do a good job for Active Copley. I feeI I have achieved something.


Adaptations have been made to the role to enable Josh to make the most of his abilities. The glass and perspex mop on our main photo for example, is on a long pole to extend his reach. Such simple modifications are often all that are needed to enable people with a learning difficulty or disability to enter paid employment.

Josh’s role as Facilities Attendant includes sanitising gym equipment and checking items such as yoga mats and  boxing gloves.

A Room With a View for Josh.

Josh has become part of the team here at Active Copley. He has sole responsibility for keeping our school gym clean and tidy. He has even started performing maintenance on the gym equipment to ensure it is safe.

Aidan Gilmore. Assistant Service Manager, Active Copley.

Before he took part in the Internship, Josh stayed in at home and didn’t go out on his own. Now he has completed Pure Travel Training. As an independent traveler with enhanced confidence and a job, he can really take advantage of  life opportunities.

Our thanks to our Tameside Supported Internship partners:

And congratulations Josh, on all your achievements.