Laura’s Story

Sports-mad Laura landed her dream work placement at Manchester’s National Football Museum as part of our Supported Internship programme.

"I love working on the reception selling the guidebooks."

She enjoys working on the reception desk where she excels at selling guide books. Her record is 27 books in one day!

“I welcome all the visitors when they come in.  I say things like ‘Have you been here before?’  I ask them if they’d like to buy a guidebook or make a donation.”

Not only does Laura love working at the museum, but she loves visiting as a customer as well.

“I come here about once a week with my boyfriend. My favourite bit of the museum is definitely Level 2 because it has all the Football Plus games on it. I love working on the reception selling the guidebooks but I also love working on Levels 1 and 2.”

Laura is clearly a valuable member of the team and her manager Emma Burkitt couldn’t be happier with the contribution she makes.

“Laura is fantastic. She fits in really well with the team and easily sells lots of guidebooks and gains lots of donations for the museum. She is very target driven and her next target is selling 28 in a day.

“It’s great for us to have Laura here. Not only is she working somewhere she loves, but she has a great understanding of the customers from coming here so often. She offers a great service to them by relating to their needs.”