Liam’s Internship Story

Liam landed a job just eight weeks into his 12 month internship!

Liam in climbing gear at Active Medlock Leisure Centre

On the Up. Liam climbs to new heights.

A history of knocks-backs had left Liam disillusioned with training courses. When he got his place on a Pure Supported Internship, he wasn’t at all confident that this time anything would be different.

He was keen to work but his Oppositional Defiant Disorder had led in the past to his challenging authority, making it difficult to get started in the workplace.

With the support of  staff at Pure and at Active Medlock Leisure Centre all that was set to change. It wasn’t all plain sailing.  On his first work placement, Liam had a bit of a shaky start but very quickly made ground and a very good impression.

Liam with mum Janine and Katie from Active Medlock

The right support brings great results. Liam with Tameside College tutor Janine and Katie from Active Tameside.

As a Facility Attendant, Liam’s role included carrying out external building checks and ensuring that public areas, including sports pitches were kept clean and safe. Any faults and hazards were reported to management.

Indoors he developed  excellent customer service skills and proved he could work safely in public areas.

Of course he was also offered the opportunity to  familiarise himself with Active Medlock’s  fabulous equipment too. Liam leapt at the chance!

Liam's leap into the future.

The management team were impressed with Liam and offered him a four-week working interview – the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his abilities.

He quickly established himself as a valued member of the Active Medlock team, working independently and efficiently.

To his delight, Liam was offered the job!

At the start of the Internship or even before I started, I thought this is just another programme or course to attend because what I've done before, nothing much has happened. There has been no real structure - so I've never attended or been on any training course as good as this.

Now I will have my own money to spend at Christmas - presents for my family and girlfriend. I will be able to afford driving lessons too.


Liam has done himself proud by achieving a paid job just two months into his Internship. Congratulations!

Active Tameside have proved again to be a very supportive employer, offering interns the chance to prove their  value in a real working environment.

We are really proud of how far Liam has come in such a short space of time.

Since being taken on as a Casual Facility Attendant, he is now taking on more tasks and gaining experience so he can work in other areas of the business like Sky High Adventure where he will be assisting people on our Climbing Walls & High Ropes course.

Katie Sharples. Assistant Services Manager, Active Medlock

With support from Tameside College  and Tameside Council  the interns also work towards a qualification to further enhance their employability.

Pure offers Supported Internships at sites across Greater Manchester. Find out more details on this page and follow the links for videos about the Internship experience.

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