Liam’s Internship Success.

Liam overcame speech and confidence issues to find paid work.

Liam is delighted with his  job at the Bizzy Bouncers Indoor Play Area –  the brilliant conclusion to his Supported Internship. He is pictured above with his new boss, Sajeeda, owner of Bizzy Bouncers.

When he started the programme, Liam was struggling to make decisions for himself and needed support and reassurance to build his self-belief.

Pure Job Coach Beverley worked hard with  Liam and encouraged him to practice slowing down his speech when he was stressed. This helped other people to understand him more clearly. She continually coaxed Liam to give things a try and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes, after all, are just a part of learning.

A polished performance.

Liam’s first placement was in the Sky High Arena play area at Active Medlock.  He was responsible for systematically sanitising the toddler play zone and the large, three storey Soft Play area.  That’s quite a tall order! He also sanitised the toddlers’ high chairs and tidied the general table and chair areas in the Bistro Cafe.

Liam overcame his initial hesitancy and need for reassurance. He came to see that he did not need anyone else to check his work and say that it was all right. He realised that he could do it well.

All this practical experience in real working environments, including the Active Medlock gym also developed Liam’s customer service skills. It gave him the determination to succeed in gaining paid employment.

That determination has paid off. Liam now has a paid job as a general assistant at Bizzy Bouncers in Ashton-under-Lynne. He has transferred all the skills he acquired on his placement to a new workplace.

Work. Not horseplay!

It is good to get up in the morning knowing I am going to work and getting paid. I love working at Bizzy Bouncers.


I would definitely recommend this Internship to others. Liam has really gained confidence and I am really pleased now he has been given some paid work. Liam is happy and he worked very hard to achieve his goal. I am really proud of him. The support given by Pure has been really good too.

Martin - Liam's Dad.

Job coach Beverley, a great admirer of Liam’s patience, persistence and work ethic, had this to say.

Well done Liam. You should be very proud of your achievements. Onwards and upwards!

Beverley - Pure Job Coach

Everyone here at Pure  agrees with that. Our thanks to partners Tameside College, Tameside Council, Tameside YES and Active Tameside, who have all had a role in Liam’s success. And a big thank you too of course to Bizzy Bouncers.