Martin’s Internship – In His Own Words

Martin gives us the lowdown on what life is like on a Supported Internship and how it has transformed his.

martin in front of his Powerpoint presentation

In the classroom Martin illustrates aspects of his internship withPowerPoint.

Before I started the Supported Internship I studied for five years at Trafford College. Studying with Foundation Learning to improve my English and maths, Personal and Social Development and Employability skills.

Before the internship started I felt excited because it was a really good opportunity to gain some quality work experience and learn how to be more professional in a workplace.

I was told that my first work placement was Ward Clerk in Day Surgery. When I found out about where I was going to be I felt nervous at first because I was working with a new team and environment.

During my placement I learnt how to use the computer system to make patient packs. I developed my communication skills from meeting and greeting patients and interacting with staff. Also how to answer the phone professionally. This all helped with my confidence.

martin Intern on Reception Trafford

Brilliant social skills.

This placement really helped me to be more professional, follow instructions and it helped me to become more independent.

What I enjoyed the most about this placement is working with the staff, being part of the team and learning new skills.

My second placement started in January at the Premier Inn at Trafford Centre West. Before I started this placement I felt nervous again about a new environment and a new team. I felt more confident because of my previous placement at Day Surgery: meeting and greeting patients, being mindful to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

On my first day I found out what different jobs I would be doing and I met some of the new team I would be working with.

During this placement I learnt the importance of listening carefully and good customer service.

The thing I enjoy the most about working at the Premier Inn is working with the different members of staff. I really like working in the restaurant because it is always busy so I always have work to do.

Half way through my placement I was offered a paid job at the Premier Inn. This made me feel really happy, excited and proud.

Martin is part of the team.

I am looking forward to being there permanently, being on the team rota and continuing to develop my skills.

My first work placement helped me to prepare for this opportunity by working as part of a team and being more organised with the task list.

To me, the Supported Internship has given me the opportunity to develop myself in being more independent. Also building my skills and confidence in the workplace.

I now feel I’ve got a bright future ahead of me.

These photos tell you what I am being doing on the Reception on Day-Surgery Ward 12B and the Restaurant at the Premier Inn Manchester Trafford Centre West.