Mary’s Internship Story: Sustaining Employment

Read how Mary's paid work has been going since graduating from the Supported Internship a year ago.

Mary at paid job earned on a Supported Internship at the principal hotel in manchester

Mary has been working at The Principal Hotel in Manchester for a year. She secured her job as a result of her Pure Innovations Supported Internship and has become a well known, popular member of the hotel’s team.

Preparing For Success

Mary discovered she is a whizz at cleaning while on a work placement at Manchester Town Hall. She loves how it keeps her busy. The placement prepared her so well for her paid role.

At the hotel Mary helps keep the staff canteen spotless, sweeping, mopping and wiping down surfaces. She also helps with catering by preparing and putting out food in the morning.

mary with colleague of paid job earned on supported internship

Mary’s Supported Internship Journey

Mary is a former intern from our Central Manchester Supported Internship, which is run in partnership with The Manchester College and Manchester City Council.

When I found out I got the job I was really shocked, because I didn't think I would get it, but at the same time I was buzzing. My favourite thing about getting paid is that I get to go shopping. I am saving up my money at the moment to buy Christmas presents.


Throughout the programme interns learn employability skills enabling them to work independently and professionally. Mary mastered her punctuality and how to complete all tasks to the best standard.

former pure innovations supported intern working in paid cleaning job

Sustaining Employment

After an intern graduates Pure Innovations Employment Officers maintain contact. They conduct in-work reviews monitoring their progression until they’re are confident the intern can work independently. They look at things such as whether they’ve had all the relevant training and know how to book leave. They also explore whether they can progress further in their role.

In-work reviews are one way we ensure that internships aren’t just a temporary fix to unemployment. Our goal is to ensure interns achieve paid work that it is sustainable. Mary’s story is just one example of how Supported Internships do just that!