Maternity Support Worker: Shelly’s Internship Success

Meet Shelly, full-time Maternity Support Worker at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester.

Supported Intern Shelly in her pale green uniform in her new job

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Supported Intern Shelly landed the job she loves. It wasn’t her first job offer on the programme either! Here’s her story.

Shelly joined the Supported Internship programme based at Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT) in September 2019.

Early Success

The first of her 10-week work placements was based at the Manchester University Bistro Cafe. Already her confidence was growing and her abilities were recognised in style.  At the end of her placement Shelley was offered a part-time paid job.

This was a wonderful result – but Shelly had a dream to follow. She was enjoying the internship and wanted to  experience different roles. She particularly wanted to work with children and babies. Politely she declined the job and in January 2020 began her second placement.

Shelly adds milk to a patient's cornflakes

Shelly was delighted with her new housekeeping role on one of the wards of St Mary’s Hospital.  Whether she was preparing additional breakfasts, stocking up supplies or making beds, she really enjoyed being amongst the babies and new mums.

She always arrived early, never wanted to leave and also wanted to come in during holidays!

Shelly was initially supported by a Pure job coach. However she quickly demonstrated that with the support of  hospital staff  and her level of commitment, extra support was not required.


The hospital staff recognised Shelly’s dedication and embraced her as part of the team. In fact they were so supportive that Pure Senior Employment Officer, Shanon Parker-Hawkins, nominated them for a Health Award for Inclusion.

Meanwhile Shelly was receiving her own award: Team Member of the Month.  Her photograph was posted on the hospital Wall of Fame.

Shelly with her Valued Team Member certificate and two colleagues.

One of the team.

At Shelly’s employee review her manager commended her, stating she had been overwhelmed at the kindness Shelly had brought to the ward and the way she brings out the best in people.

On her Supported Internship Shelly also gained a qualification in English with our partners The Manchester  College.

Maternity Support Worker

When a role for a full-time Maternity Support Worker became available the hospital, Shelly applied. She had already demonstrated her commitment and abilities.  This did not go unnoticed. To her great delight Shelly was offered the job!

Shelly has a very calm and sensitive approach to her work and always recognises the needs of others. It is little wonder Shelly is liked and respected by her colleagues.
She is justly proud of her achievements. So is her Mum who also wants to thank the St Mary's staff for all their support.
Shelly deserves to do very well and will be an asset to the Trust for many years to come.

Shanon Parker Hawkins - Senior Employment Officer, Pure Innovations.

Shelly loves her work.  Her wide-ranging roles will include bathing babies, making beds, ordering patients’ meals, and more.

Shelly is achieving her ambitions.