Melissa’s Supported Internship

As she began her Supported Internship with Obson & Co., working at Active Tameside Medlock‘s café, Mel wasn’t sure how she would find it.

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"I'm really proud that I have a paid job doing something I enjoy."

As she began her Supported Internship with Obson & Co., working at Active Tameside Medlock‘s café, Mel wasn’t sure how she would find it.

“When I first started my placement I was a bit nervous, but all the staff are very kind and they helped me feel comfortable.”

As a Catering Assistant, her initial duties were keeping the food prep area clean and tidy. However, Mel showed a clear interest in the preparation aspect of the work and so she took on extra duties relating to food prep and cooking.

Though initially nervous, Melissa adapted well to working on a team, learned how to stay focused and complete her assigned tasks, to use her initiative and build up the confidence to work independently.

Asked how she feels she has progressed, Melissa said:

“I feel a lot happier, working at the café; it’s excellent. Every day I get to meet new people. I feel more involved, and I really enjoy helping out. Especially with the baking; it’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was little.”

After strong positive feedback from colleagues at Obson & Co., Mel undertook a working interview to see how she would cope with busy weekends at the café. She excelled, and was offered paid work as a Catering Assistant, starting in late January.

“I’m really proud that I have a paid job doing something I enjoy. I’m excited and I’m looking forward to learning more skills.

I’ve already recommended the Supported Internship to a few of my friends at the dance group. It’s a really good experience, learning about employment, gaining a qualification and getting a paid job!”

Mel says she’s going to save up her pay for the future, but looks forward to buying herself new clothes and even going on holiday.

Reacting to Melissa’s paid employment Shayne Gallagher, Operations Manager at Obson & Co. said:

“It’s been great to see the progress within Melissa since she started with us, even more so since she started paid work. She’s taken on responsibility in a number of key roles, and Obson & Co. look forward to carrying on working with Melissa in the future.”

We’d like to thank our partners, Tameside Council, Active Tameside and Obson & Co. for helping to make these Supported Internshipsa reality. Obson & Co. have been amazing to work with, and its wonderful to see that they’re so passionate about their employees.