Nathan’s Supported Internship

Nathan's family knew he was capable of working, and he so desperately wanted to; all he needed was an employer willing to give him the opportunity and some support.

Before starting his Supported Internship with Active Tameside Medlock, Nathan was unsure of what the course or the work placements would be like.

Nervous, but determined, he began his first role working in the Sky High Arena Reception, engaging in customer service duties including handling payment and housekeeping.

Quick to pick up on the skills needed for the role, Nathan’s duties expanded into admin, including being trained on the use of Active Tameside’s in-house Legend computer system.

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"I was very nervous, starting my second work placement, because I was doing something completely unknown to me" said Nathan.

An opportunity arose to take on paid work in Active Tameside Medlock’s Maintenance department, giving Nathan the chance to undertake a four week working interview.

The unfamiliarity of the role initially challenged his confidence, but Nathan relied on his training to see him through.

"He's quickly established himself as a valuable member of our team; he's got such a positive personality and it's even influencing those around him, for the better!"

Daniel Higgins, Active Tameside Disability Development Officer

The working interview was a success, with Nathan ably demonstrating his capability across a wide variety of duties, and he was offered paid employment within the Maintenance department.

"Over the moon, I think is the correct term! It's great having a purpose, to get up and out to work."

Nathan, on how he feels to have got the job offer

We had a lot of partners helping out with Nathan’s journey, and we’d like to thank them for their time, effort and support; they make all the difference in helping young people with difficulties and disabilities find work and gain important skills. They are:

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