Paid Work – Nathan Now Working at McDonald’s

Nathan secured a paid job at McDonald's on our Wythenshawe Supported Internship. Here's how.

Nathan in his uniform at McDonald's, smiling.

Here is Nathan, now in a paid work with McDonald’s thanks to his great work on our Wythenshawe Supported Internship. That smile says it all!

Nathan credits his job success to the internship team that encouraged him to push his boundaries and discover his own strengths. That can sound challenging but Nathan felt supported through the whole process.  See what he has to say:

Finding the right job for the right intern is all important.

Pure Employment Officer Lisa Crank had seen that Nathan wasn’t a great fit with his internship placement in a linen department. However his excellent communication skills really shone. She spotted a job vacancy at McDonald’s and encouraged Nathan to apply.

Nathan's determination to secure a paid job was apparent from day one. This plus his improved confidence and great manner with the public convinced me he would be a great candidate for the McDonald's job.

The internship also includes employability training including how to write a CV and interview technique. I accompanied him for his interview and he really impressed the manager. We were all so delighted when he was offered the job.

McDonald's is a great employer and Nathan really deserves this success.

Lisa Crank - Employment Officer, Pure.

Nathan’s 27-hour per week role includes keeping all the restaurant tables tidy, cleaning, and stocking condiments . He also helps customers, particularly those unfamiliar with the electronic touch screen ordering system.

He is loving it!

I've always wanted a job and this is brilliant. I even get a free McDonald's for lunch!

The internship has really helped me. The team have pushed me, made me push my own boundaries but always been there, supporting me. It's really, really good.

Nathan - Supported Intern and McDonalds's employee

Our warmest congratulations to Nathan.

We run Supported Internship programmes at various sites in Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Stockport and Bury. We have new intakes each autumn. The Wythenshawe Hospital Internship is run in partnership with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Manchester City Council and The Manchester College 

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