Richard’s Internship Story

Richard always knew he would be happiest working out in the fresh air.

... and now he is raking it in!

Richard had a clear ambition even before he started on our Oldham Supported Internship.  He had already completed a short work experience placement in gardening and knew that he didn’t want to work in an office, shop or anywhere indoors. He wanted to work in horticulture.

We offer a wide range of internship placements and Richard was confident in his career choice. A horticulture role in in Oldham’s beautiful Alexandra Park was perfect for him.

RIchard weeding a flower border

Richard is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Richard underwent a formal induction process and this ensured he quickly felt part of the  team. With one-to-one support from his specialist job coach Abigail, he quickly became familiar with the park’s layout and began embracing new challenges.

Whether working in the borders, raking dew from the bowling greens, pruning, weeding or operating the leaf blower, he has shown determination in developing new practical  skills.

On completion of his Pure Travel Training, Richard was also confident in traveling to and from work independently. This increased his desire to achieve even more and so when a job came up in the park, he applied.

Who yaou gonna call? Leaf busters!

Richard’s supervisors already recognised the difference he was making in the  park and invited him for an interview. It obviously went well and Richard’s work spoke for itself. To his great delight, they offered him the job.


I cannot wait to spend my first wage. I am going to go out for a fancy meal!


Our partners on this internship are Oldham College and Oldham Council. We all send our  congratulations to you, Richard. You really deserve your success for your hard work, dedication and willingness to take on new challenges.

The range of  roles available on a Pure Supported Internship means we have scope to pair interns with work placements geared toward  their aptitudes and areas of interest.

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