Robert’s Lockdown Brewery Job Success!

Robert had his work placements severely disrupted by the pandemic. Here's how he triumphed and landed a paid job at Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co.

Supported Intern adds label to goods in Seven Bro7hers Brewery yard,

When Robert started his Pure Supported Internship in MediaCityUK  in 2019 he was a quiet, reserved young man, keen to get a paid job and become more independent. And it all started so well …

First Placement

Robert’s first placement was at the Holiday Inn, MediaCityUK where he worked as food and beverage assistant. He enjoyed aspects of this role, replenishing stock and delivering food orders to customers. His skills were quickly identified as was the fact that keeping busy and active helped him to stay focused and engaged.

Seven Bro7hers Placement

An opportunity arose to try a different placement at Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co in Salford as a warehouse operative. (In normal times, interns generally gain experience on three placements. Find out more here.)  A visit was therefore arranged for him to meet the team and see what the role involved.

Although a little nervous Robert was immediately put at ease by the warm welcome he received. He was introduced to the family (yes, seven brothers!) and the rest of the team.

The Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co was established in 2014 by seven brothers from Salford, who turned their genuine love for craft beer into a successful working business.

Their craft beer is sold nationwide and in their own ‘beerhouses’ in Manchester city centre and Salford. They have strong social commitment and a progressive attitude to equal opportunities plus innovative ideas and sustainable production methods. A fabulous company!

Robert was impressed with what he saw and began his placement in December 2019. He quickly got to grips with the tasks he was given with support from the team and from his job coach, Rob from our Manchester internship partner The Manchester College.

Robert’s Role

Robert’s main tasks involved making up boxes, packaging cans into web shop boxes, labelling stock as required, making up orders from invoices or dispatch notes and wrapping pallets ready for delivery.

Robert in hi-vis vest infront of metal kegs of beer

Ready for work.

First Lockdown

Just as Robert got into the groove of his role, the unimaginable happened. The global pandemic hit and lockdown cut his placement short.

Although disappointed, Robert responded well. He quickly adapted to the online learning delivered by his tutor Mark of The Manchester College and through his review, Robert expressed his desire to return to the brewery once the lockdown was eased.

Kate Duffy (Pure Senior Employment Officer) maintained contact throughout with  Seven Bro7hers Communications and Marketing Manager, Alison. All were keen for the placement to resume when possible.

Robert even took it upon himself to make contact with Alison via email to ask how they all were and about the possibility of him returning to the brewery. Great initiative.

Robert’s persistence and patience, alongside ongoing commitment from Seven Bro7hers, enabled a plan to be put in place for him to resume his placement in October. The increased demand for online services and the easing of lockdown, meant additional help in the brewery warehouse was greatly appreciated.

Robert was very pleased to receive the call to return. Arrangments were made for a visit so he could meet new staff prior to his actual placement start date

Second Lockdown

Unfortunately the second lockdown came into force on November 5th and Robert’s placement was again put on hold.

Alison made it clear that they were happy to have Robert back again and a date was agreed for his to return in December.

Robert returned to his placement on December 16th and, around a year after he had first started there! He impressed the team with how quickly he slotted back in and remembered the tasks that he had been given previously.

Of course we all know what happened next …

Third lockdown

Yes, the new year brought yet another lockdown for England. It was another blow for Robert who was really looking forward to going back to the brewery after Christmas. Robert didn’t give up. He remained determined to return.

In a call with Alison at the start of February, we received the news that we had all been waiting for.  Seven Bro7hers wanted Robert to come back on a work trial basis with a view to moving into paid employment!

Work Trial to Job

Robert started his work trial on 10th February and shortly after was offered a paid contract. Robert was so happy to finally move into paid employment with a company that have been so welcoming and accommodating from the start. He is now officially one of the team!

I’ve had a difficult time in lockdown but I’m so glad I’ve finally got my first real job. I enjoy working at Seven Brothers as they really support me, and take time to explain things. 
I’d like to thank Kate for helping me prepare for working at the brewery and keeping in touch with them right through lockdown.

Intern Robert with two colleagues in front of kegs at Seven Bro7hers Brewery

Rob (centre) with Tom Boden, Warehouse and E-Commerce Manager left - James Hatfield - Warehouse Assistant

Robert joined us last year as an intern from the Supported Internship on a part-time basis working in our warehouse on web shop distribution and packaging.
Robert presented himself as a methodical worker and soon fitted into our team.  Sadly due to the pandemic we were unable to offer Robert a position for paid work last year but we are delighted that after an additional trial period this year Robert has yet again proved himself as a great addition to our team and has accepted a part time paid job with us.  We are all delighted with the transition he has made and the change in his confidence and working ethos

Alison Seven Bro7hers

We’re so pleased that Robert has been given this opportunity. The support he’s had from Pure Innovations has been amazing.
They kept in touch with Robert and with the brewery all the way through lockdown, and we’re so proud that he’s managed to get a paid job at the end of a really difficult year.

Pete and Cath - Rob's Parents

Success Story

It has been a long, stop-start journey to get to this point but determination and hard work coupled with the brewery’s belief and ongoing support for Robert have paid off.

We extend our warm thanks to Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co for sticking with us and not giving up on Robert, enabling him to achieve his goal of securing a paid job. The difference in Robert from when he joined the Supported Internship back in September 2019 is incredible. His resilience and maturity are exemplary and and has grown so much in confidence over the last 18 months.

A real success story to shout about in a time of great uncertainty for all!