Shannon’s Supported Internship

"Shannon would not be where she is today if it wasn't for the help and support from Pure Innovations, the Supported Internship and Active Medlock."
- Gill, Shannon's Mum

In her own words, before starting her Supported InternshipShannon was shy, nervous and didn’t like talking to people at all;  especially people who she didn’t know. She loved looking after her dog, though, and it was this attention to care that helped Shannon blossom in the workplace.

Thanks to the Tameside YES scheme, Shannon was able to secure a Supported Internship placement with Active Tameside Medlock, who have been such supportive partners with all of our Interns.

Her first placement was in Crèche and Adult Services; it turned out that Shannon was an absolute natural with children of all ages, and took to the role like a duck to water!

She quickly became a valued member of the team as the staff were impressed with her skills and the way that she fit in so well. Shannon’s duties also had her working with the Adult Dementia group, both on a one to one basis and in group activities.

Thanks to how natural the role felt to all involved, even when it could be challenging, Shannon remained with Crèche and Adult Services throughout her second placement rather than moving on, eventually undergoing a successful working interview!


Reacting to the news, Shannon said:

“It felt brilliant when Shaun, the manager, told me I’d got the job! I never thought I’d find work; this is my first job. It’s excellent!”

Talking about the difference the Supported Internship had made to her life, she continued:

“I feel really happy. Great. Confident! I don’t feel nervous when I’m talking to other people now, I feel confident. I’m out more with my friends, both from college and from Medlock.”

Her generous nature shined when asked what she’d be spending her pay on:

“Clothes, new shoes. A pink cap. I want to treat my friend Mel and her boyfriend Dave to a night out bowling!”

Stacey Andrew, Shannon’s Tutor from Tameside College said:

“At the start of the programme, Shannon would seek reassurance all the time and showed little confidence in herself. The impact of the Internship has been phenomenal for Shannon; her self esteem and self assurance has really developed, and she’s interacting with confidence.”

Shannon’s Key Worker and Mentor at Active Tameside told us:

“Its great to see how Shannon has developed since she started on the Supported Internship. She’s excellent with the children and I feel so proud that she has a paid job; she’s so willing to learn and to help!”

Finally, Mum Gill had this to share:

“Shannon would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for the help and support from Pure Innovations, the Supported Internship and Active Medlock.”

We’d like to thank our partners, without whom the Supported Internship programme would not be possible; Tameside Council, Active Tameside and Tameside College. Their help and support are key in giving disadvantaged young people a chance to experience the workplace and potentially find employment.